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Sponsored Content: Mott MacDonald Optimized Complex Designs with Digital Workflows

Parul Dubey on June 16, 2018 - in Articles, Featured, Showcase

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The Thames Tideway Tunnel is a GBP 4 billion design-build project initiated to address the overflow from London’s Victorian-era sewers as well as meet environmental standards. It is the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken by the UK water industry. The design must include 10 kilometers of tunnel works running 70 meters below central London and six shafts in public view. Mott MacDonald needed to implement an effective communication, collaboration and assurance strategy for successful completion as this project comprises 12 design disciplines, numerous supply chain companies and many stakeholders.


Mott MacDonald, the lead designer for the Tideway East contract, brought together information from all disciplines in intelligent, composite 3D models. This collaboration eliminated the need to create 350 traditional 2D drawing deliverables. The various design disciplines can view the design in a traditional 2D format while still having an easily navigable, data-rich 3D model at their fingertips. All project information is centrally stored and shared through ProjectWise, making it easy to run analyses, reporting, costing, progress reporting and risk visualizations. Additionally, Navigator enabled easy, remote collaboration.


Once completed, the project will reduce sewage overflows into the Thames and improve water quality. Using Bentley applications, the design team now has a connected data environment that 16 contractors working remotely can use to access documents 80 percent faster. The team’s pioneering, model-based delivery method has increased productivity by 30 percent, shortening design delivery time by six months. Engineers can find information online in minutes rather than spending hours sifting through paper. Also, Bentley’s ProjectWise collaboration system made weekly meetings with contractors and stakeholders around the 3D models easier, improved communication, reduced rework, and reduced travel time and cost.


ProjectWise enables real-time design collaboration with 16 organizations involved in the project. All work is collated into coordinated, composite models so everyone can work with the latest approved design files, minimizing costly rework and helping the team produce deliverables on time. Navigator enables remote, interactive, weekly BIM advancement coordination meetings around the composite 3D models, which teams across Europe can review and markup. Currently, it has facilitated 170 BIM advancement meetings attended by more than 1,500 people.


• ProjectWise has revolutionized information management, enabling intelligent reporting and allowing managers to resolve issues proactively.

Thus far, Navigator has facilitated 170 meetings attended by more than 1,500 people in several offices, enabling effective communication and collaboration around 3D visualizations.

• Bentley’s 3D modeling capabilities allowed Mott MacDonald to replace what would have required 350 2D drawing deliverables with intelligent, composite 3D models.

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