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New Data, Same Results – Saving Energy is Still Cheaper than Making Energy

Parul Dubey on December 6, 2017 - in Energy, Featured

Keeping the lights on for customers is every electric utility’s top priority. To do so, utilities have choices. They can build power plants to convert fossil fuels to energy. They can capture renewable resources like solar and wind. And they can work with their customers to more efficiently use energy, meeting demand by saving energy rather than generating it.


ACEEE research has shown a dramatic growth in energy efficiency’s role in the electric sector. We estimate that today it’s the United States’ third largest electricity resource – contributing more to our grid than nuclear power. But it’s not just one of our most common resources, it’s also typically the lowest-cost way to meet customers’ energy needs. New data by Lazard on levelized costs of electricity supply resources released in November 2017 confirms that by helping customers install efficient appliances, insulate their homes and buildings, and refine operations and maintenance practices, utilities are still investing in the lowest-cost energy resource out there

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