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Securing the Nation’s Water: WaterISAC and Perch Security Partner to Improve Water/Wastewater Utility Cybersecurity

Parul Dubey on October 23, 2017 - in Corporate, News, Water

WASHINGTON and TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 23, 2017 – The Water Information Sharing and Analysis Center (WaterISAC) announces that it has entered into a partnership with Perch Security to provide its membership with a state-of-the-art, automated cyber threat intelligence.

“This partnership will automate the way cyber threat intelligence is used and shared by water and wastewater systems,” says WaterISAC Executive Director Diane VanDe Hei.  A membership-based nonprofit, WaterISAC is the primary source of cyber and physical security threat and mitigation information for the water and wastewater sector. 

All members are encouraged to use Perch to automatically monitor their networks for threats. With a WaterISAC Pro membership, they gain access to WaterISAC’s repository of threat intelligence data, analyzed and curated specifically for water treatment and wastewater facilities based on cyber attack trends in the sector. This combination of Perch and WaterISAC data provides members with a comprehensive solution to mount their best defense from cyber threats:
1. quality threat intelligence,
2. an interface that shows them what threats are detected in their networks and throughout the sector, and
3. a team of skilled Perch analysts working to further analyze and notify members when action is needed.

Already used by financial, health care and mining companies, Perch continuously monitors members’ networks for potential threats, and notifies members so that they can take corrective action on validated malicious activity in a timely manner. 

Some WaterISAC members have been piloting the Perch platform for the past several months.  During that time, activity related to the NotPetya and CCleaner attacks (among others) have been detected, and members have been able to remediate threats to their platforms before any harm to their systems occurred.     

“The industry is shifting toward a model where cyber threat intelligence analyzed by communities of interest – ISACs and others – is the best source of threat intelligence,” said Perch CEO and Founder Aharon Chernin. “Perch set out to make using that intel for real-time threat detection, and contributing back, affordable and straightforward for everyone.”

Under the WaterISAC-Perch partnership, WaterISAC Pro members can take part in a free, 60-day “proof of concept” program to try out Perch.

“Of our member utilities that have tried Perch, all have decided to formally implement the service,” added VanDe Hei.

Members can begin using Perch immediately after a simple enrollment process, and the WaterISAC will be hosting demonstration webinars to inform members about this new service.  Water and wastewater utilities interested in learning more may contact WaterISAC at [email protected].

ABOUT WATERISAC:  WaterISAC’s mission is to help drinking water and wastewater systems in the U.S., Canada and Australia reduce their risks from physical and cyber threats and recover from incidents and disasters. A collaboration among the national water and wastewater organizations, WaterISAC membership is open to utilities; local, state and federal agencies; and water sector consulting/engineering firms and industry NGOs. Learn more at www.waterisac.org.

ABOUT PERCH SECURITY:  Perch Security is the first Community Defense Platform. Perch makes threat intelligence accessible and affordable for the “everyone else” – organizations who don’t have dedicated threat analyst teams. Now small and mid-size businesses can mount a cyber defense with curated community intelligence and participate with the sharing community; all without a SIEM, a TIP, or increasing staff. Perch is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Learn more at www.PerchSecurity.com.

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