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Precast Concrete Drainage Components Used for Phoenixville’s New School Stormwater Management System

Parul Dubey on August 25, 2017 - in Wastewater, Water

MID-ATLANTIC REGION (AUGUST 2017) – Oldcastle Precast recently supplied over 11,000-feet Class III reinforced concrete pipe, along with multiple precast concrete stormwater drainage and sanitary structures for Phoenixville Area School District’s new 152,000-square-foot school and early learning center’s stormwater management system in Phoenixville, Pa.

Ensuring conformance with desired guidelines and practices due to the sensitive nature of the work in this high-quality watershed and the small margin for delays due to this work being on the project’s critical path, this system incorporates stormwater management facilities based on PADEP Stormwater Best Management Practices, that accommodate both PADEP/CCCD requirements as well as Schuylkill Township storm water ordinance requirements.

To accommodate the stormwater management system required at both the new Manavon Elementary School and the Phoenixville Area Early Learning Center, precast components were used to form the stormwater management systems.

Using multiple manufacturing facilities in the Mid-Atlantic area, Oldcastle Precast manufactured and shipped 8,992-feet of precast concrete RCP pipe (ranging from 14-inch to 66-inch diameter) produced at their Croydon, Pa. and Folsom N.J. facilities, while the Telford and Easton, Pa. facilities manufactured the pipe junction boxes, pipe headwalls, numerous catch basin inlets and manholes.

The precast components, in addition to an on-site storm water infiltration system and new stormwater basins, constitute the stormwater management system for the new elementary school and the early learning center.

Since a functioning stormwater infrastructure is critical to support the movement of goods, people, and services on state highways and roads, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PADOT) additionally required highway improvements at West Pothouse Road and Meadow Brook Lane previous to the new school opening in 2017.

As a part of the roadway improvements, PADOT required contributory stormwater management systems to accommodate increased roadway stormwater run-off from the new facility. This portion of the project required Oldcastle Precast to produce an additional 2,322-feet of RCP pipe, 14-inch to 23-inch elliptical pipe and 18-inch to 48-inch diameter round pipe, catch basin inlets with bike safe grates, headwalls and manholes.

“From both the manufacturing and shipping perspectives, the most challenging part of the project was the aggressive schedule. Other than a few bumps in the beginning, the project went according to plan and was delivered on time,” said Ed Pentecost, Sales Representative from Oldcastle Precast. “All our personnel on the job, from the operations managers to the delivery crew, performed flawlessly, making the project a great success.”

The new complex has a 2-story school building consisting of classroom spaces, a dining area, a gymnasium, and a media center. Site improvements included athletic fields, asphalt roadways and pathways, concrete curbing and walks, and necessary landscaping.

The new school facility is designed to support two grade structures in a “school within a school” format.  Kindergarten through first grade takes place in an early learning center, and 2nd grade through 5th grade is housed in an elementary school, which joins an existing campus that encompasses the middle and high schools. The “educational village” concept promotes connectivity within this existing educational community and allows for shared resources such as roadways/bus loops, walkways, parking and playing fields.


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