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Special Post Tensioned Bridge Slabs Produced for Pine Basin Bridge Replacement

Parul Dubey on August 18, 2017 - in Bridges, Transportation

SWAN VALLEY, Idaho (AUGUST 2017) – Oldcastle Precast Idaho Falls teamed with Bonneville Power Administration, HK Contractors, and Bryant Greene Concrete to replace the bridge at the entrance to Pine Basin Camp in Swan Valley, Idaho. Condemned in the fall of 2016, this bridge serves as the only access to the popular boys and girls camp and a valuable access to many of the electrical systems running through the canyon serving Victor, Driggs and Swan Valley.

As the best way to proceed, the Bonneville Power Administration reviewed their options for rebuilding this bridge and selected the use of precast concrete bridge components for the deck.

The new bridge was designed with a span of 45-feet. Due to this span length, not being conducive to standard precast slabs, Oldcastle Precast engineers partnered with VSL Structural Technologies to create a custom precast solution. Oldcastle Precast and VSL decided to install post tension cables in the slab during the precasting process.

After manufacturing the custom post tensioned bridge slabs, measuring 5-4’-wide by 2’-thick by 45’-long, Oldcastle Precast Idaho Falls shipped them to the Pine Basin Bridge site. Once delivered and installed on the cast-in-place bridge abutments, Oldcastle Precast and VSL applied the post tensioning of the cables in the field for a fantastic forever bridge.

“Custom and standardized designs, accelerated construction schedules and pre-fabricated parts are key components of this project that allowed everyone to work quickly and efficiently,” said Dana Yost, Sales Representative for Oldcastle Precast.


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