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Specification Section : Bridge Products and Bridge Design Software 2017

Todd Danielson on June 22, 2017 - in Bridge Products and Bridge Design Software, Directory

Bridge products and bridge software include tools to analyze bridge performance, bridge building materials, structural steel design software, concrete analysis software, fabrication services, steel detailing software and more.

This brief listing is meant to introduce readers to manufacturers and suppliers with contact details to immediately access further information. If your company should have been included, let us know at info@informedinfrastructure.com, and we’ll add it online.

Acrow Bridge

Acrow Bridge has been serving the transportation and construction industries for more than 60 years with a full line of modular steel bridging solutions for vehicle, rail, military and pedestrian use. Acrow’s extensive international presence includes leadership in the development and implementation of bridge infrastructure projects in more than 80 countries, covering Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. For more information, please visit www.acrow.com.

Shawn Osarczuk


(973) 244-0080



Advitam-Sixense provides a distinct spread of tools that improve knowledge of infrastructure condition through asset-management software, sensor technology and instrumentation as well as nondestructive testing. Our integrated solutions unify inspections and monitoring data to optimize infrastructure management and decision processes. ScanPrint® is our software that optimizes bridge and asset inspections as well as management of any infrastructure. EverSense® systems are turnkey instrumentation deliveries used for monitoring anything from a single bridge to large infrastructure networks. EverScan® is a unique portfolio of nondestructive measurement methods focusing on cable and post-tensioned structures.


(703) 674-0485


American Galvanizers Association

The American Galvanizers Association (AGA) is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to serving the needs of specifiers, architects, engineers, contractors, fabricators and hot-dip galvanizers throughout North America. Since 1933, AGA has provided information on the most innovative applications and state-of-the-art technological developments in hot-dip galvanizing for corrosion control.

The AGA provides many tools for specifiers, including PDF publications, a continuing education series, a quarterly email newsletter, and an online Life-Cycle Cost Calculator (LCCC). All these tools and more can be found at www.galvanizeit.org. The AGA, along with International Zinc Association and 13 galvanizer companies, also provides information on galvanized rebar. Galvanizedrebar.com features design and performance data specific to galvanized reinforcing steel in concrete.


(720) 554-0900


Atlas Tube

IBC Booth #134

Atlas Tube is the leading producer of steel HSS in North America, delivering the shortest cycle times and largest size range in the industry. We roll most sizes of A1085 HSS every three weeks or less, and complete details can be found at atlastube.com/astm-a1085. Now in stock at service centers in the western United States, there’s no reason not to spec A1085 HSS, the industry’s strongest support for your projects! Atlas HSS are available in squares up to 20” and 0.188”-0.875” wall thickness, rectangles up to 24” x 12” and 0.188”-0.750” wall thickness, and rounds up to 20” and 0.188”-0.625” wall thickness. Contact Atlas Tube to speak with our structural engineers and learn more about ASTM A1085 HSS.

Jim Erhart


(312) 275-1608



AVEVA has been at the forefront of engineering and information-management software for more than 45 years. During that time, much has changed, but our focus has remained on helping customers work with less risk, shorter lead times and greater efficiency. As we look to the future, we have anticipated what will be required for our clients to achieve lean steel fabrication, and we will deliver this via an initiative called The Future of Steel Fabrication.

AVEVA has combined AVEVA Bocad™, the most powerful, productive and complete structural steel detailing solution, with AVEVA FabTrol™, the global market-leading information and production-management system for steel fabrication. The result is the world’s most powerful and integrated end-to-end solution available for the steel fabrication industry.

Together, these solutions are driving the Future of Steel Fabrication—continually creating new capabilities to transform the structural steel industry.


(832) 204-5618




Anticipate issues and assess information throughout your project with BIM. Design and build bridges and tunnels with better predictability and less rework. During design, preferred options can be engineered; essentially building the project in a virtual environment, developing advanced visuals, and even simulating performance.

Autodesk Inc. is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software, and it develops the broadest portfolio of 3D software for global markets, including tools for the AEC industry. The Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection gives you the broadest portfolio of software and cloud technologies so you can design higher-quality and more-sustainable projects and deliver more-scalable, resilient civil infrastructure.

Kristin Crawford
(412) 455-7712



Carl Stahl DécorCable

Carl Stahl DécorCable offers a comprehensive range of cable, rod and mesh systems for architectural, structural and design applications. Part of the global Carl Stahl Group, we are uniquely able to furnish the resources necessary for a successful project, no matter what its complexity or location. Specialized design services are available, including tensile engineering, statics and 3-D modeling.

Our X-TEND® stainless steel cable mesh is available in various mesh widths and cable diameters, including code-compliant, climb-resistant options. Panels and installation hardware arrive ready to install. X-TEND® performs equally well on a flexible or rigid framework and offers extremely high load capacity. Its unique ability to accommodate 3-D shapes gives you amazing design flexibility.


(312) 474-1100


Certainty 3D LLC

TopoDOT is a high-performance MicroStation application for extracting topography and models from point clouds, calibrated images and related survey data. TopoDOT offers a set of leading-edge tools to manage, assess and extract value from LiDAR and point cloud data derived from images as well as a number of data analysis and reporting options.

TopoDOT also offers a balance of automation and streamlined user interaction designed to maximize productivity while assuring data quality. Different licensing options and unrivaled live support are part of the complete solution.


(407) 248-0160


CTS Cement

CTS Cement is the leading manufacturer of advanced cement technology for new bridge construction and existing bridge rehabilitation.

Komponent® Shrinkage-Compensating Concrete (ASTM C845 Type K) has been successfully used in more than 1,000 bridge decks since the 1960s. Komponent offers low permeability and excellent durability. By preventing drying shrinkage cracks, it protects reinforcement from corrosion, significantly improves the design life of the bridge deck, and minimizes maintenance and lifecycle costs.

Rapid Set® Low-P™ single-component cement and Rapid Set® Latex-Modified Concrete (RSLMC®) offer ideal solutions for partial and full depth repairs as well as bridge-deck overlays. These rapid-hardening cements allow repair and rehabilitation to be completed faster, with higher quality, low permeability, greater long-term performance and lower in-place cost than traditional latex modified concrete (LMC).


(800) 929-3030


Bentley Systems-BRIDGE

IBC Booth #238

Address modeling, design, analysis and detailing of all bridge types on existing and new structures with Bentley’s wide range of integrated bridge applications. Experience enriched problem solving at every stage of the project-delivery process, from planning, design and engineering to construction simulation and analysis. Your result: remarkably better engineered bridges.

Develop intelligent 3D parametric bridge models within the context of an overall transportation project using OpenBridge Modeler for rapid and iterative design. Integrate with civil design applications to access civil data to see how your project interacts with alignment, terrain, drainage and surrounding structures. Interoperate with Bentley’s bridge analysis and design applications: LEAP Bridge Concrete, LEAP Bridge Steel, RM Bridge and ProStructures.




Bentley Systems- STRUCTURAL

IBC Booth #238

Efficiently model, analyze and design any structure, from a single foundation to an entire stadium, using various concrete, steel and joist building materials. Consider multiple design alternatives quickly and early in your structural design process, and produce high-quality and economical designs with ease. Synchronize model data with confidence among your entire design team, including detailing 3D models for all of your structural projects. Design structures anywhere in the world, using more than 80 international codes, with Bentley’s RAM and STAAD structural applications. Any structure. Any material. Anywhere. www.bentley.com






Graitec Advance Design America (ADA) is a bridge structural analysis and design software to conduct static and dynamic analysis of 2D and 3D structures. It offers all of the essential features to create multi-material models and handle complex calculations. This is essential for the design of bridges that require the careful consideration of moving live loads.

ADA is intuitive and user-friendly, thanks to powerful features such as Complete Design Brief & Calculation Notes, Automatic Load Combination & Moving Load Generator, Abutment & Culvert Generators, Staged Construction, Section Calculator, etc. This solution can design steel, reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, wood and composite members in accordance with the latest North American codes. Major Canadian Transportation Ministries are already using ADA, and it is the only Canadian software to include pushover analysis for the CHBDC S6-14 code compliancy.

Estelle Marodon


(450) 674-0657 x300



Jenik was founded in 1984 in Montreal, Canada. We specialize in sales and rentals of Under Bridge Work Access Platforms and Bucket Trucks suitable for all types of work relating to bridge inspection, construction, repair and maintenance in Canada for more than 15 years and now expanding operations in the United States. Our rental fleet includes Barin, Moog, Hydra Platform and Aspen Aerials. Our equipment complies with ANSI Standards, and our professional team will assist you in meeting your under-bridge access requirements.


(800) 889-4573


Contech Engineered Solutions 

IBC Booth #424 

Contech Engineered Solutions provides a comprehensive array of plate, precast and truss structures, with the best-known brands available worldwide. Contech bridges—vehicular and pedestrian—fit a wide variety of applications, spanning distances from five to 300 feet and more. These bridge brands include Contech Structural Plate, BridgeCor® CON/SPAN®, BEBO®, Continental®, Steadfast® and EXPRESS® bridges.

Experience, innovative thinking and exceptional service have put more than 80,000 Contech bridge installations on the map worldwide.

The Contech Engineered Solutions’ team of Bridge Consultants is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service, project management and consultative support. Contech supports clients throughout the entire design process, from concept to installation.

For all your bridge needs, call 800-338-1122 or visit our website, www.conteches/bridges.com.


(800) 338-1122



Hayward Baker

Hayward Baker is North America’s leader in geotechnical solutions and can reduce the construction cost and schedule for transportation-sector projects such as airports, subways and light rails, roadways and highways, bridges, terminals, and tunnels. Our solutions not only provide these construction benefits, but also protect transportation infrastructure from distress to extend the service life.

We match our solutions to the project requirements and respond quickly and efficiently to urgent needs, including slope failures, sinkholes and other occurrences that affect operations. Safety and quality are an inherent part of everything we do. With Hayward Baker onsite, you have confidence that your transportation operations will be in service as soon as possible.

Jeffrey Hill, P.E.


(410) 551-8200



LARSA 4D BRIDGE Series is recognized as the premier software for bridge engineers with innovative tools for the design, construction and rehabilitation of bridge projects. Informed by three decades of experience working closely with its loyal client base, 4D BRIDGE SERIES is preloaded with unique tools that promote time savings while delivering unrivaled analysis capabilities for complex bridges. By coupling finite-element-based analysis and design with the latest computing technology, LARSA 4D has become the most-reliable software package of its kind for segmental, cable-stay, suspension, stressed-ribbon, steel-girder and other bridge forms as well other structures requiring geometric or material nonlinearity or a refined staged construction analysis.

John Horner


(800) LARSA-01


Leica Geosystems

For monitoring professionals who need to quickly understand and react to complex demands of today’s monitoring projects, Leica GeoMoS provides needed flexibility to their projects. With scalable software, options and various licensing packages, Leica GeoMoS adapts to specific needs of any user. Suitable for continuous or periodic projects, a complete monitoring solution is offered with the highest accuracy and reliability. With more than 20 years of monitoring experience and support from a team of highly experienced engineers, Leica GeoMoS is a vital partner in a wide range of monitoring challenges.


+41 71 727 3131


Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions

For more than 45 years, structural engineers have trusted GT STRUDL® for their structural analysis. It offers a comprehensive frame and finite-element analysis solution for steel and concrete designs. GT STRUDL includes all the tools necessary to analyze a broad range of structural engineering and finite-element analysis problems, including linear and nonlinear static and dynamic analysis, and it can do so accurately in a fraction of the time of other solutions.

Intergraph® CADWorx® & Analysis Solutions provide software for multiple plant-design and engineering disciplines. All solutions are based on the concept that design and engineering should share relevant information seamlessly, thereby maintaining accuracy and improving efficiency. Its products are used globally by nearly every major owner/operator and global EPC firm.


(281) 890-4566


Leica Pegasus

The Leica Pegasus: Two mobile mapping solution uses one or two laser scanners in combination with GNSS receivers, IMU and a DMI. Acquire accurate and precise spatial data with six to eight cameras on any vehicle. This innovative mobile sensor platform will not only capture point cloud and imaging data but also collects data from additional sensors. Sky or pavement assessment cameras, thermal cameras, noise-pollution sensors, air-quality sensors or ground penetrating radar (GPR) for underground asset mapping all leverage the concept of a multi-sensor platform, which allows you to:

• Increase your ROI by collecting more data in one pass

• Create new revenue streams by using one platform for multiple applications

• Decrease your time in the field by 30-50 percent


+41 71 727 3131



LUSAS develops, markets and supports a range of finite-element analysis software products for the engineering and construction industries. LUSAS Bridge software is used for cost-effective analysis, design and assessment of all bridge types. Fundamental frequency, seismic, dynamic, nonlinear, buckling, fatigue, staged construction modelling, concrete creep and shrinkage, heat of hydration, and prestress/post-tensioning can all be undertaken. Cable-tuning analysis, traffic-load optimization to AASHTO and other codes; steel and composite deck design, soil-structure interaction analysis; and rail track-structure interaction modeling also are supported. LUSAS Civil & Structural software is used to analyze buildings, stadia, towers, LNG tanks, docks, dams and tunnels. LUSAS is used on major projects worldwide (as well as on small-scale structural integrity work). See website for more details.


(800) 97-LUSAS


MDX Software

MDX Software Curved & Straight Steel Bridge Design & Rating is in use by many top design firms and DOTs to design and rate steel girder bridges for compliance with LRFD, LRFR, LFD and ASD AASHTO Specifications.


(573) 446-3221


MMFX Steel Corporation

MMFX® Steel Corporation offers high-strength concrete reinforcing steels (ChrömX®) with varying levels of corrosion resistance. Designers utilize the high-strength efficiencies and best match the corrosion-protection requirements of the structure to meet the targeted service life. 

Utilizing the high strength of ChrömX rebar (Grades 100 and 120), designers reduce construction costs, shorten build times, resolve rebar congestion issues, enhance site safety and improve sustainability. Building codes and design guides supporting high-strength designs are available through the ACI, ICC and AASHTO.

ChrömX rebar’s uncoated, corrosion-resistance is derived from the steel’s chemistry and microstructure rather than relying on fragile coatings, resulting in a bar that can be handled and fabricated just like conventional rebar, without the risk of damage, repair or inspection problems.

Bassam Saddawi


(949) 705-5481


National Steel Bridge Alliance (NSBA)

NSBA Splice: Your Solution for Bolted Splice Design

The NSBA released a new version of NSBA Splice, a free design tool for plate girder bridges that allows designers to analyze various bolted splice connections to determine the most-efficient bolt quantity and configuration. It removes the time-consuming task of designing and checking a bolted splice connection, and simplifies the process with input and output pages. It also allows users to explore the effects of bolt spacing, bolt size, strength and connection dimensions on the overall splice design. It is presented in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format, allowing users with Microsoft Excel 2010 or newer to access and use. NSBA Splice is a free download available at www.steelbridges.org/nsbasplice.

Steel Solutions Center


(866) ASK-AISC; (866) 275-2472


NUCOR Grating

A manufacturer/supplier of high quality gratings for major capital projects around the world (Tru-weld & Fisholow brands). Typical industry applications include commercial buildings; mining & smelting; power generating stations; oilfields & refineries; chemical plants; water treatment facilities; pulp & paper producers.

Nucor Grating products include:

Bar Grating

• Standard Carbon Steel Grating

• Stainless Steel Bar Grating

• Fisholow Aluminum Swage Locked Grating

Fiberglass (FRP) Grating

Bridge Maintenance Walkways


(800) 334-2047



New Millennium Building Systems

Cost-Optimized Bridge Construction

New Millennium is a nationwide provider of custom engineered and manufactured steel building systems. Our Bridge-Dek® and Rhino-Dek® systems offer flexibility for developing stay-in-place form systems used in concrete and steel bridge structures. Contractors now have efficient methods for forming deck slabs in new construction and bridge rehabilitation projects, even in extremely aggressive environments.

Lasting Bridge Performance

Bridge-Dek® and Rhino-Dek® are manufactured in a controlled environment, fabricated from high-strength galvanized steel, and will meet your design requirements. Both systems include four standardized profiles and 18 matching rebar profiles that economically span distances up to 14 feet.

Physical design properties are calculated in accordance to the latest published edition of the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) “Specifications for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel.”


(803) 251-5165


RISA Technologies

RISA Technologies has been developing leading-edge structural design and optimization software for more than 25 years. Our products are used by 24 of the top 25 U.S. design firms in more than 70 countries around the world for towers, skyscrapers, airports, stadiums, petrochemical facilities, bridges, roller coasters and everything in between. The seamless integration of RISAFloor, RISA-3D and RISAFoundation creates a powerful, versatile and intuitive structural design environment, ready to tackle almost any design challenge.

With RISA-3D’s versatile modeling environment and intuitive graphic interface, you can model any structure from bridges to buildings in minutes. Get the most out of your model with advanced features such as moving loads, dynamic analysis and more than 40 design codes. Structural design has never been so thorough or easy.


(949) 951-5815


Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance (SSSBA)

The SSSBA is a group of bridge and buried-soil-structure industry leaders who joined together to provide educational information on the design and construction of short span steel bridges in installations up to 140 feet in length. SSSBA’s objective is to provide essential information to bridge owners and designers on the use of short span bridges, including:

• Free web-based design tool at www.eSPAN140.com

• Case studies

• Education on superstructure, substructure and other structural components of steel bridges

• Standardized designs and details

• Manufacturer’s options (including prefabricated and modular designs)

• Durability solutions (including information on weathering steel, galvanized steel and painting)

• Sustainability

• Technical research

• Industry contacts


(412) 458-5822



Spider® by Safway Group has been safely and reliably putting contractors to work at height on bridges for 70 years. From industry-leading work baskets, including the ST-17 and ST-180, to standard swing stages powered by our reliable traction hoists to custom-designed float platforms and netting solutions, Spider has a solution to overcome the most unique, demanding access challenges for all phases of bridge construction, maintenance, painting, blasting and repair projects. With 25 locations in the Americas, factory-trained technicians and 24/7 technical support, we maximize your productivity and safety regardless of your bridge-access challenge.


(877) 774-3370


Taylor Devices Inc.

Taylor Devices Inc. is the world-leading designer and manufacturer of fluid viscous dampers, lock-up devices, shock transmission units, shock absorbers, cable dampers and custom-tuned mass damping systems. These devices and systems are used to protect buildings and bridge structures from the devastating vibrations caused by earthquakes, wind, hurricanes, pedestrian activity, traffic and other vibrational disturbances.

Viscous dampers, shock transmission units and lock-up devices are available in force capacities from 20 KIP to 2,000 KIP and are individually tested at our world-class test facility to full force and velocity as specified for each application. We have successfully provided these devices for more than 700 structural applications throughout the world.

Taylor Devices Inc. has third-party certification to ISO 9001, AS9100 and ISO 14001.


(716) 694-0800



Steel Joist Institute (SJI)

The SJI, a nonprofit organization of active joist manufacturers and other organizations and companies connected to the industry, was founded in 1928 to address the need for uniform joist standards within the industry. Today, the institute continues to maintain the standards for steel joist construction as a Standards Developing Organization (SDO). In addition, the SJI provides educational opportunities for construction professionals utilizing a library of printed publications, and live and recorded webinars. We also offer assistance in identifying existing joists in buildings undergoing retrofit. SJI products are included in RAM, RISA and SCIA software packages. Visit the SJI website to discover a number of valuable design resources.   

Ken Charles


(843) 407-4091



Teledyne BlueView

Teledyne BlueView is the leading provider of state-of-the-art compact acoustic underwater measurement and imaging solutions for defense, energy, civil engineering, transportation and port-security applications worldwide. BlueView’s advanced sonar systems have been adopted by leading manufacturers and service providers to support mission-critical underwater operations.

More than 1,000 BlueView commercial systems have been successfully deployed on ROVs, AUVs, diver hand-held units, boat-mount systems, and tripod platforms to fast become the standard in multibeam imaging sonar.

The BV5000 3D multibeam scanning sonar is an ideal tool for imaging vertical structures such as bridges, dams and harbor walls. The multibeam sonar is mechanically scanned to generate high-resolution 3D point clouds for engineers and inspectors to visualize, measure and assess a structure’s condition.


(805) 964-6260



Trimble is dedicated to transforming the planning, design and construction of all types of buildings through the benefits of coordinated, rich data with tools such as the following:

Tekla Structures: Create accurate and highly detailed information to minimize costly errors, collaborate effectively and integrate with other software packages to enable more-profitable projects.

• Tekla Structural Designer: Win more work and maximize profits through quick comparison of alternative design schemes, cost-effective change management and seamless BIM integration.

Tekla Tedds: Create, review and automate structural calculations with Tedds’ library of prewritten templates or create your own custom calculations to create professional and transparent project documentation every time. 

To learn more about managing your structural analysis and design, high-quality construction documentation, detailing, fabrication and erection from one software provider, visit www.tekla.com.

Jodi Hendrixson


(770) 426-5105 x230



Trimble Monitoring Solutions

Trimble monitoring systems provide up-to-the-minute data on the condition and behavior of land or structures. The information enables bridge owners and stakeholders to address potential problems, improve safety decisions, ensure structural integrity, and future-proof their investment.

Trimble enables professionals to create a system for bridges of any size and scope. With options to combine Trimble instruments and Trimble T4D software with geotechnical sensors, users create customized monitoring solutions. No matter the size, Trimble’s scalable monitoring solutions can meet a range of project requirements from post-processed deformation measurement to real-time automated monitoring.

Tanja Seeger


(214) 440-1281


V&S Galvanizing LLC

IBC Booth #253

Now with seven U.S. galvanizing facilities in the Midwest, Northeast and now the new Memphis, Tenn., plant, V&S Galvanizing is one of the largest galvanizing companies in the world today. Company highlights include the following:

• Inhouse engineering, NACE Level 3 inspection services, powder coating, wet paint (aka COLORZINQ®), packaging, transportation and shipping services.

• A full-service leader in value-added services for the galvanizing industry.

• Lunch-time seminars for the architectural, construction and steel fabrication communities.

• Some of the largest and deepest galvanizing kettles in the industry today, with a specialized spinner operation in our Perth Amboy facility, and a capability of 88-foot bridge girders in our Lebanon, Pa., plant. 

From bridges to fasteners, engineering to design help, trucking to packaging: a true “FULL SERVE” hot dip galvanizing company. V&S has more than 30 years of proud membership with the American Galvanizers Association. With the experience of more than 50 years in the United States and celebrating more than 75 years of galvanizing work in Europe, visit us at www.hotdipgalvanizing.com for questions or to find the V&S facility near you!

Rich Collins


(614) 443-4621


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