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Silver Bullet Water Treatment, LLC Selects David Lisle as CEO and President

Parul Dubey on March 22, 2017 - in News, People

DENVER – Silver Bullet Water Treatment, LLC is pleased to announce that David Lisle has joined the company as its new Chief Executive Officer and President.

Lisle will oversee the strategic direction, sales expansion and corporate operations of Silver Bullet’s innovative and environmentally safe water commercial treatment solutions. With more than 1000 water treatment systems operating on multiple continents, Silver Bullet has set a new standard for safe treatment of water in a wide range of livestock drinking water, horticultural and industrial applications.

“I am excited to join Silver Bullet at this point in the company’s rapid growth, and look forward to working with the terrific team of professionals as we continue to expand our offering of the most effective water treatment solutions,” said Lisle. “I am particularly impressed by Silver Bullet’s innovative and environmentally friendly commercial technology solutions, that have been incorporated into a range of reliable operating systems. These have been proven in hundreds of installations across multiple market sectors. I plan to work with the team to leverage and extend Silver Bullet’s recent successes with the goal of making Silver Bullet the industry leader in environmentally conscious water treatment.”

Before joining Silver Bullet, Lisle was the CEO of Instrument Sales & Service, Inc. (ISS). Lisle’s tenure at ISS, a diversified manufacturer, remanufacturer and value-added distributor of electro-mechanical service parts for the automotive, trucking, marine, and industrial equipment industries, was highlighted by company growth to over 150 employees located at manufacturing, distribution, and sales centers across the western United States.

Prior to ISS, Lisle was President and CEO of Wausaukee Composites, Inc., a manufacturer of highly-engineered structural composite components and product assemblies supplied to Fortune 500 customers worldwide in the off-highway, agriculture, medical, mass transit, wind energy, environmental, and recreation industries.

“I have always found particular satisfaction in working with teams that are developing highly engineered product solutions when we are also able to provide a meaningful and sustainable contribution to the environment”, said Lisle. “I think we have a real opportunity at Silver Bullet to substantially innovate and improve upon traditional water treatment methods by providing highly-effective solutions that do not utilize the conventional toxic chemical-intensive water treatment methods. Water conservation and water treatment is fast becoming one of industries’ biggest challenges, and I believe Silver Bullet is exceptionally well positioned to play a leading role in this critical business sector.”

About Silver Bullet Water Treatment, LLC

Silver Bullet Water Treatment, LLC (www.SilverBulletCorp.com) provides patented water treatment solutions that employ natural processes to condition water and improve its performance in specific livestock drinking water, horticultural and industrial applications. Classified as an Advanced Oxidation Process, the benefits of Silver Bullet’s systems include: a “green”, “all-in-one” solution for disinfecting water; effective management of scale and biofilm; corrosion inhibition; and a product solutions that are safe to handle. Silver Bullet is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

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