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New Ways with Nye Veier

Parul Dubey on September 2, 2016 - in Construction, Lifecycle

Building roads in Norway is rumoured to be expensive and slow. In January 2016, a new governmentally owned company called Nye Veier was launched. Their bold goal is to build roads faster, cheaper – and more innovative. And Ramboll has ceased the opportunity.

Recently the company won a large contract and have already started working on the 50,000 hour job.

“Use of experts from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the UK was a winning factor”, says Ruth Gunlaug Haug, Division Manager from Roads Ramboll Norway.

“This was a much needed, and very important win for us”, she says.

Ramboll, with joint partner Asplan Viak, will manage the planning process for the new 4-lane highway, 17km Langangen-Rugtvedt. The project is a part of the development of E18 Langangen – Grimstad.

Cheaper roads in Sweden

Nye Veier is inspired by the cheaper roads in Sweden and challenge the traditional Norwegian construction business with larger contracts, new contract conditions and a change in the traditional risk balance, and this has caused a bit of friction in the market.

“Nye Veier is challenging our way of thinking. Instead of seeing this as a problem we see this as a great opportunity. Ramboll’s international profile fits Nye Veier perfect”, says Hilde Nordskogen, Market Director in Ramboll Norway.

Ramboll has also developed municipality plans with impact assessment for Nye Veier and Statens Vegvesen in a project that concerns a new 4 track E18/E39 outer ring road in the municipalities of Kristiansand and Songdal, in the southern part of Norway. The new ring road runs through mountainous landscape, and is approximately 15 km long, of which approximately 10 km is planned as tunnels. The longest individual tunnel is more than 4 km long, and another two tunnels along the alignment are more than 1,5 km long.

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