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London Brain Trust Puts Tech at the Center of the Capital’s Future

September 26, 2013 - in Sensors, Smart Cities

The concept of a “Smart London” is about how the capital as a whole functions as a result of the complex interplay between its ‘systems’ – from local labour markets to financial markets and the trade networks of local firms, from local government…

Smart Cities, Network Effects, and the Next Generation of Planning

March 4, 2013 - in Interview, Smart Cities

Michael Batty, a professor of planning at the University College London, Fellow of the British Academy, and founder and chairman of the board of the Centre…

CASA Offers Advanced Degree in Visualizing and Analyzing Cities

July 27, 2012 - in Analysis, Corporate, Modeling

Cities have never been more important. More than a half of the world's population is now urban, presenting new social and environmental questions unique…