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Combine GIS and BIM to Improve Infrastructure Development

Course Information

Today, cities are grappling with a range of concerns related to the sustainability and resilience of their critical infrastructure. This includes everything from roads and bridges to essential facilities. As a result, the demand for sustainable, resilient and efficiently managed communities is on the rise. However, this presents a significant challenge: how to seamlessly coordinate the construction and maintenance of critical infrastructure while keeping pace with the growing demands of modern society.

The answer lies in the integration of building information modeling (BIM) and geographic information system (GIS) data to help streamline the flow of information among construction and operational data systems. These advancements have become pivotal for increasing efficiency and achieving substantial cost savings in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) projects. Given the AEC industry’s responsibility for managing vast assets worth billions of dollars, access to accurate, geolocated data is crucial for making informed choices and improving operations.


Marc Goldman, Director of AEC Industry Solutions, Esri

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this article, the reader should be able to understand:

• The evolution of BIM and GIS in the AEC industry and how they have become crucial for increasing efficiency and cost savings in AEC projects.

• How BIM-GIS integration enables workflows for both building and managing assets.

• The significance of 3D visualization in representing real-world projects and assets accurately.

• Common pain points in integrating BIM and GIS and how collaborative efforts among software vendors, such as Esri and Autodesk, address these issues and improve integration.

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