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Digital Delivery: Immediate Benefits for You and Future Benefits for the Industry

Course Information

Years in development (and in marketing!), the reality of digital project delivery is upon us. Evolving beyond its emergent stages, implementation of digital delivery practices is yielding measurable benefits today for a growing number of design firms, contractors, municipalities and transportation departments—even while overcoming adoption hurdles. In addition, evolving digital submittal requirements of asset owners and permitting authorities, coupled with the ongoing development of user-friendly digital delivery platforms, reveals future opportunities for those who chose to participate.

The concept of digital delivery (or digital project delivery) has been part of the construction industry lexicon for many years. In that time, the industry developed and improved its technology and learned to overcome many hurdles associated with changing from a decades-old 2D permitting and construction process to a more-efficient and collaborative digital-delivery methodology.

Indeed, digital delivery has moved from cool “what-if” speculation not long ago to present-day use of currently available software, hardware and workflows. DOTs, municipalities, engineers and contractors are digitally delivering projects for a variety of benefits. These projects are helping transition the infrastructure industry into a future full of incredible opportunities for increased efficiency, sustainability, inclusiveness and profitability.


Mark Scacco, P.E.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this article, the reader should be able to:

• Define “digital delivery”

• Understand the benefits of digital delivery

• Understand how digital delivery is used today

• Understand some of the challenges associated with digital delivery

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