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BIM for Infrastructure Adoption: Slow Progress Toward Improved Efficiency

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Despite being on the market for decades, BIM adoption remains just under 40 percent, with minor increases year over year. For most firms that have adopted BIM, their goals are to increase efficiency, reduce errors and lower costs while offering expanded services. In pursuit of these goals, most firms struggle with learning curves, training staff and modernizing their workflows with BIM integration. Opportunities exist for firms that overcome these challenges and adopt BIM as an integral part of their operation.

A few months ago, Informed Infrastructure partnered with VinZero U.S. CAD to gauge adoption of BIM implementation on infrastructure projects by surveying industry professionals. A summary of the survey results was published as an infographic in the 2022 Smart Engineering issue, and the results were mixed (see “2022 Business Value of BIM in Infrastructure Update” for more details). While growing during the last five years, BIM adoption remains low, especially for infrastructure industry respondents. Among those implementing BIM workflows into their processes, most hope to improve internal efficiency, reduce errors and alleviate ongoing staffing challenges.


Mark Scacco, P.E.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this article, the reader should be able to:

• Define “BIM for Infrastructure” and provide examples of how BIM is used on infrastructure projects.

• Understand some of the benefits of BIM for Infrastructure

• Understand some of the challenges associated with BIM adoption

• Understand how firms are overcoming these challenges

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