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Open-Source Technology for Infrastructure Digital Twin Development

Course Information

A digital twin is a realistic and dynamic digital representation of a physical asset, process or system in the built or natural environment. A digital twin gives you the digital context and visibility to analyze the past, monitor the present and predict future behavior to improve decisions and optimize results.

Why digital twins? Digital twins allow you to make data accessible and actionable to create the visibility and insights that make infrastructure sustainable and resilient, and better serve stakeholders. Some of the benefits of using digital twin technology include:

• Reducing the cost and time of delivering projects and managing assets

• Improving the level and quality of services delivered internally and externally

• Reducing the risk associated with assets as well as the liability resulting from asset failures

• Meeting your sustainability goals


Adam Klatzkin, vice president iTwin Platform, Bentley Systems

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this article, the reader should understand how to:

• Explore the value of digital twins across the infrastructure lifecycle.

• Learn the value of openness as well as a vendor-agnostic and scalable platform for digital twin development.

• Discover what makes up the Bentley iTwin Platform.

• Learn how the iTwin platform can help define and deliver new business opportunities.

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