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High-Speed Rail Study Between Dallas, Fort Worth Gets Federal Approval

September 8, 2014 - in Planning, Projects, Rail, Transportation

The Federal Railroad Administration today initiated the process of evaluating the possibility for a high-speed passenger rail line between Fort Worth and Dallas by publishing a Notice Of Intent to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for such a…

Sochi from the Sky: Airbus Defence and Space 3D Video and Satellite Imagery

January 28, 2014 - in Construction, Corporate

Airbus Defense and Space satellite imagery of Sochi, Russia, displays the Russian town, its sports complexes and natural setting. The Pléiades satellite…

Determining the Economic Feasibility of Offshore Wind Farms

July 16, 2012 - in Analysis, Corporate, Energy

Palisade’s risk analysis software, @RISK, has been selected by the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, ECN (www.ecn.nl/), to determine whether…