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Erosion Control Primer: Stay in Harmony with Nature

January 28, 2022 - in Articles, Feature, Featured

(Credit: Dropshots) The natural environment exists in a state of slow, but steady, change, and the same forces that shape the earth inevitably impact any infrastructure built on it. In earth science, erosion results from surface processes that move soil, rock…

Shane Porzio Named President of Profile® Products

July 29, 2021 - in News

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. (July 29, 2021) — Profile® Products is pleased to announce the hiring of Shane Porzio as president of Profile Products. In…

Erosion-Control Success Stories: Position Your Business to Best Serve Client Needs

June 3, 2021 - in Articles, Feature, Featured

A HydroGrass Technologies worker applies GeoEarth erosion control with TerraMax equipment. (Hydrograss Technologies) California’s wildfire season is…

Iowa Finds New Tools To Control Stormwater Erosion and Sediment at Construction Sites

October 23, 2020 - in Erosion control, News, Water

At the Iowa Department of Transportation, the preservation of limited natural resources is one element we look at when planning construction projects. When we’re constructing or moving a road, we often need to move earth. As good stewards of the land, we…

Erosion Control Product Specifications Made Easy

May 13, 2018 - in Erosion control, Featured, Videos

Two free, online resources are available to help engineers and specifiers select the most appropriate, site-specific products for erosion control and vegetation establishment. Michael Robeson, Ph.D., PE, CPESC, CPSWQ, CESSWI, outlines why the most frequently…

Specification Section: Erosion Control 2017

February 8, 2017 - in Directory, Erosion Control

Erosion and sedimentation occur naturally with loosening and transport of soil by wind, water and ice. Controlling erosion is important, particularly on construction sites where removal of vegetation can degrade habitat, impact water quality and increase flood…

Infrastructure Outlook: From the Video Vault: Erosion Control

January 16, 2017 - in Articles, Column

Informed Infrastructure spoke with Matthew Welch, technical manager with Profile Products, at the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) Environmental Connection 2016 event. This column features highlights from the discussion, and a video recording…

Profile Soil Solutions Software (PS3) Explained

November 16, 2016 - in Erosion Control

The V1 Video team spoke with Matthew Welch, Technical Manager, Profile Products. He explained the five key components of a PS3 implementation, the importance of having quality scientific data, value engineering and more.

Watershed Geo Hires Seasoned Waste Professional as VP of Solid Waste

May 25, 2016 - in Erosion control, Maintenance, People

Atlanta, Ga.—Watershed Geo, a geosynthetics company specializing in engineered solutions for waste containment, erosion control and soil stabilization, has announced the appointment of David Cieply to Vice President of Solid Waste Market. Cieply brings more…

2017 IECA Request for Abstract Submittals

IECA is currently accepting submissions for Environmental Connection 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. Speaking at IECA's Environmental Connection demonstrates that you are serious about industry education. IECA provides you a platform to share insights and content…