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Aspen Snowmass Releases First-Ever Progress Report on Methane-to-Electricity Plant

March 4, 2021 - in Energy, News

Project has Generated Usable Electricity, Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and Brought Financial Return   ASPEN SNOWMASS, Colo.  - Aspen Skiing Company (ASC) today released a report that tells the story of how ASC and its partners - Oxbow's Elk…

Droughts and Blackouts: How Water Shortages Cost India Enough Energy to Power Sri Lanka

July 27, 2017 - in Energy

India is making great strides to aggressively expand its renewable energy capacity. But the country's power sector remains highly reliant on thermoelectric…

Wind and Solar in March Accounted for 10% of U.S. Electricity Generation for First Time

June 15, 2017 - in Energy, Renewables

For the first time, monthly electricity generation from wind and solar (including utility-scale plants and small-scale systems) exceeded 10% of total…