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Point Clouds Emerge from the Shadows, No Longer ‘Always the Bridesmaid’

May 7, 2012 - in Column, Featured

How do you know when a new technology reaches maturity? When everyone knows what it is? When everyone uses it? When it is no longer the subject of special conversations, conferences, articles etc.? I am not sure, I don’t have the answer; this is not a rhetorical…

Geospatial Technology in 5 to 10 years

May 7, 2012 - in Column, Featured

I was asked to write this forward-looking piece for the United Nations Programme on Global Geospatial Information Management (GGIM), which is an inter-governmental…

Onuma Aims to Revolutionize Architecture with BIM

April 27, 2012 - in Interview

Kimon Onuma is president and founder of Onuma, creators of the Onuma Planning System (OPS). This software tool is a Building Information Modeling (BIM)…