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Thoughts from Engineers: Project Management in the Age of COVID-19

May 13, 2020 - in Articles, Column

If there’s one positive to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s that we’ve been knocked out of our comfort zones, and forced to recalibrate and reevaluate the important things in life and business. The virus and global economic downward spiral have driven…

Engineered Solutions: Why You Should Drop the Tape Measure, Pencil and Digital Camera, and Start Scanning

May 12, 2020 - in Articles, Showcase

Sponsored by A Brief History Laser scanning—the digital capture of objects using a line of laser light to produce a surface—has been around for decades…

Enginereed Solutions: Location Intelligence Changes How You Plan, Design, Build and Operate Your Projects

May 12, 2020 - in Articles, Showcase

Sponsored by: By Marc Goldman We live, work and play in a world we have created and manipulated to meet our needs. We’ve built houses, offices, hospitals,…

Engineered Solutions: Digital Twins: The Backbone of Road Infrastructure Decision Making

May 12, 2020 - in Articles, Showcase

Sponsored by:   Digital twins have become one of the most important technology trends for transportation infrastructure because of their potential to improve design, visually enhance collaboration, and increase asset reliability and performance. Digital…

Engineered Solutions: FLOOD MITIGATION with Green-Friendly Armoring

May 12, 2020 - in Articles, Showcase

Sponsored by:   Esplanade Club Lake is a large resort-lifestyle community development in Fort Myers, Fla. Situated on 778 acres, the community features a number of aquatic amenities, including a large lake, ponds, boat ramp and recreational dock. To support…

ReEngineering the Engineer: What Was I Thinking?

May 11, 2020 - in Articles, Column

A funny thought crossed my mind this week. I started my career at a slow time in the early 1980s and considered myself lucky to find work at a small engineering firm doing what I was educated to do. I managed through slow spots in the early 1990s, Y2K and…

Infrastructure Outlook: Putting Designs into Motion with Extended Reality

May 4, 2020 - in Articles, Column

The digitization of data is paving the way for more-advanced technology that connects the design process to real-world information. The key to digitization is tying in 3D models at the start of the design process and integrating constructible data that enable…

Interview with Esri President Jack Dangermond

April 30, 2020 - in Featured, Interview, Technology, Video

In November 2019, Informed Infrastructure Editorial Director Todd Danielson interviewed Esri President Jack Dangermond at the Autodesk University (AU) Conference in Las Vegas.

Ten Years After the Haiti Earthquake: How Building Disaster-Resilient Structures Can Lift a Nation

April 27, 2020 - in Articles, Feature, Featured

Image: Port-au-Prince, Haiti, suffered massive destruction from an earthquake in 2010. By Kit Miyamoto, Ph.D., S.E., and Lucienne Cross In 20 years of responding to earthquakes as a structural engineer, I have never seen destruction such as I witnessed in…

Executive Corner: Lost Value in M&A: A New Way to Create and Capture Value

April 27, 2020 - in Articles, Column

Buying or selling a firm creates risk and opportunity for both buyers and sellers. Up to 30 percent of a firm’s potential value is lost during and after the typical acquisition. For those selling, they’re losing millions in potential rewards for their…