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Executive Corner: A New Age of A/E Entrepreneurship Is Here

August 30, 2022 - in Articles, Column

With industry headlines everywhere addressing severe talent shortages, rampant consolidation, record backlogs, digital transformation, inflation and private-equity involvement, one intriguing development has quietly gone under the radar. During the last…

Executive Corner: Five Takeaways on 2021 A/E M&A Activity

January 28, 2022 - in Articles, Column

The Great Consolidation? The Great Realignment? Whatever term you want to call it, by all accounts 2021 was a record-breaking year for A/E M&A…

Executive Corner: How Private Equity Is Quietly Transforming the A/E Industry

November 29, 2021 - in Articles, Column

Whether in nature, design, health or business, lasting and significant changes seldom occur quickly, but often steadily through time. You open your eyes…

Executive Corner: 2021 End of Summer Executive Outlook

September 30, 2021 - in Articles, Column

As the disruption of the COVID-19 virus continues to factor into everyday decisions, A/E leaders across the country continue to take on the challenges of running their firms.

Executive Corner: 2021 Mid-Year Executive Outlook

September 1, 2021 - in Articles, Column

As the disruption and severity of the global pandemic continues to fade, A/E leaders across the country are ready to take on the challenges and opportunities left in its wake. I recently connected with several CEOs from coast to coast for our annual Mid-Year…

Executive Corner: Back in the Saddle for the AEC Industry

May 12, 2021 - in Articles, Column

It’s hard to believe we’ve crossed the one-year milestone of the global coronavirus pandemic. Populations have endured and adapted to the day-to-day changes in societal norms, business practices and lifestyle patterns. As we start to see the light…

Executive Corner: Five Takeaways on 2020 A/E M&A Activity

February 4, 2021 - in Articles, Column

The 2020 global pandemic will forever be remembered as when the simplest of norms and patterns across everyday family and office life were turned upside down. A/E leaders, whose patience and determination were tested just as they were 10 years ago during…

Executive Corner: Growth 2.0: The A/E Industry Reflects and Restarts

August 16, 2020 - in Articles, Column

It’s been approximately 100 days since the United States joined nations around the world in an unprecedented series of events to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Societal norms and business practices were overturned almost instantaneously, while slogans…

Executive Corner: Five Takeaways on 2018 A/E M&A Activity

March 21, 2019 - in Articles, Column

With a backdrop of solid macroeconomic growth, strong financial performance and robust backlogs—yet facing the tightest labor markets in a generation—A/E owners and executives are understandably wrapping up 2018 in a cautiously optimistic mood. And while…

Executive Corner: Passing the Torch: Succession Planning Fundamentals for A/E Firms

January 7, 2019 - in Articles, Column

With a huge number of baby-boomer leaders preparing to retire, we’re witnessing the next generation of industry CEOs being promoted to lead their firms. Almost every week, we see press releases showcasing new A/E CEOs taking the reins from their predecessors—the…