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UEM Group Successfully Implements ArcFM UT

Matt Ball on August 5, 2014 - in Energy

The French multi-utility UEM group (formerly known as Usine d’électricité de Metz) has successfully completed all tests for the implementation of ArcFM UT for district heating and went with it in production. With this step the project phase 2 has been nearly completed. The complete project encompasses 4 project phases. It was started in February 2013 after the decision by both UEM and its subsidiary URM to implement the ArcGIS and ArcFM UT platform with project partners Esri France and AED-SICAD. Project phase 3 (implementation of electricity) is well under way.

UEM supplies district heating to 35 000 service points in the city of Metz and URM supplies electricity to 158 000 service points within the city of Metz and surrounding villages. The decision to implement ArcGIS and ArcFM UT was preceded by an elaborate tendering phase, where UEM ensured themselves also in practical demonstrations using UEM data that the system will perform according to their wishes.

The project itself is complex due to a number of integrations with other IT systems. An inventory system (X3), two network calculation systems (Picalor for district heating and Neplan for electricity), the SCADA system (Lynx) and the CRM efluid will be closely integrated with the GIS. This calls for detailed planning and specifications and close collaboration. Therefore, all project partners are very happy to announce that the first important step, the acceptance (“vérification d’aptitude”) of ArcFM UT for the branch district heating was successfully passed in June 2014 and that the production has been launched. The next project phase 3, implementation of electricity, has already started and is within time and budget.

About UEM
UEM has been serving its customers since 1901, offering since that time the guarantee of a high-quality energy supply. The company devotes all its expertise, competencies and resources to its public service mission of supplying electricity. A local power supplier, UEM prioritizes environment protection and the use of local resources while producing energy. Since the total opening of the energy market since 2007, UEM has been leveraging its experience and know-how to adapt to new market conditions and consolidate its presence in the free market for electricity. In 2008, to comply with the legal requirement to separate the activities of supply and network operation, Usine d’Electrité de Metz split up into three entities:

  • UEM, which generates and supplies electricity
  • URM, which is a network operation subsidiary and
  •  Energem, which is an energy selling subsidiary throughout France

Later, two further subsidiaries have been created:

  • énergreen Production, a subsidiary responsible for the generation of renewable energies and
  • efluid, a subsidiary responsible for the development and marketing of the customer relationship management (CRM) software efluid.


About Esri France
Created in 1988, Esri France is the exclusive distributor and official representative of Esri in France as well as in many French-speaking countries. With the most advanced GIS solutions at its disposal, Esri France is able to assist organizations and companies in their effort to optimize the use of the spatial dimension within their organization. The Esri France teams consist of acknowledged experts who place clients at the center of their work and concern.
Our 8 regional agencies and our training centers available for beginners as well as experienced users are the proof for this. Each year the company organizes the Esri Francophone Conference. The event gathers 2400 Geomatics and Cartography professionals. This large community is also triggered on the occasion of regional and thematic seminars. With a staff of 180, and considering the number of clients and the financial results, Esri France ranks first among French GIS providers. We also rely on a network of specialized, geographically close and qualified partners who contribute to this strong position. In addition, Esri is the world leader and forerunner in GIS.

AED-SICAD Aktiengesellschaft (AED-SICAD), Bonn/Munich, Germany, is the leading GIS application company in Europe. AED-SICAD employs more than 180 people. Their portfolio comprises high-end geo-information systems for the key segments utilities, cadastre and land management. With ArcFMä UT for the utility industry and LM on ArcGIS® for cadastre and land management, AED-SICAD develops cutting-edge GIS applications and solutions based on the worldwide leading ArcGIS core technology. AED-SICAD is Esri Platinum Partner.

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