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Algae Toxins in Toledo Leave 500,000 Without Drinking Water

Matt Ball on August 4, 2014 - in Drinking water, Maintenance, Water
City tests conducted Friday night and early Saturday indicated Toledo’s treated water is contaminated with microcystin toxin, a product of burgeoning algae blooms on Lake Erie. The result was a water crisis that has affected 500,000 water users in and around Toledo and caused Ohio Gov. John Kasich to declare a state of emergency.
Mayor D. Michael Collins faulted agricultural fertilizer runoff, sewage overflows “up in Michigan,” and other pollution for Toledo’s problem.

“I don’t believe we’ll ever be back to normal,” the mayor said. “But this is not going to be our new normal. We’re going to fix this. Our city is not going to be abandoned.”

Last summer, Toledo spent an an additional $1 million on chemicals to help protect the city’s water supply from Lake Erie’s algae.

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