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Statement on Congressional Passage of Short-Term Highway Patch by AASHTO

Matt Ball on August 1, 2014 - in Corporate, Transportation

Both houses of Congress today passed legislation to provide short-term funding to the Federal Highway Trust Fund. Had this action not been taken, the Federal Highway Administration would have begun delaying reimbursement payments to state departments of transportation on Aug. 1.

“State department of transportation officials across the country are today relieved that the Highway Trust Fund will continue to support critically needed highway and transit projects through May 2015,” said Bud Wright, AASHTO Executive Director. “More than 660,000 jobs and at least 6,000 state DOT construction projects were at risk had Congress failed to act in time to ensure the solvency of the Highway Trust Fund. But while this short-term patch is an important step, Congress must keep America working and the economy moving forward by passing a long-term surface transportation reauthorization bill that is supported by a sustainable source of funding, as soon as possible.”

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