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The Facilities Information Spatial Data Model Gains Its Debut Next Week

Matt Ball on July 11, 2014 - in Corporate, Facility Management, Maintenance, Modeling

Geographic information systems (GIS) are technologies with many practical uses for facility managers. GIS allows users to view, understand, question, interpret and visualize data in many ways that reveal relationships, patterns and trends in the form of maps, reports and charts. With FISDM, GIS can now be more easily leveraged by facility managers for portfolio planning and management, operations and maintenance, and safety and security – as well as many other applications – both indoors and outdoors across real estate portfolios. Attendees of the 2014 Esri International User Conference can learn more during the FISDM Special Interest Group Lunch on July 15th at Noon, in SDCC Room 28D.

FISDM – the facilities information spatial data model – is not a “standard,” but a “best-practices information model.” FISDM helps users apply the power of GIS to cohesively manage building interiors along with their surrounding infrastructure. FISDM is designed to:

  • Incorporate data from other standardized data interoperability structures like BIM, IFC, SDS-FIE and CityGML.
  • Ingest and persist data from commissioning standards such as COBIE.
  • Incorporate users’ space classification standards of choice whether that is BOMA, FICM, OmniClass, or a classification standard that is specific to an organization.

BISDM – the building interior space data model – was established in 2007. The primary focus of BISDM was on applying GIS to interior space planning and management. FISDM is the next generation of BISDM that takes a broader view of facility management and extends the concept to include both interior and exterior built environments across entire campuses, installations and portfolios. WHO IS INVOLVED IN THE FISDM PROJECT?
The FISDM technology committee currently includes representatives from PenBay Solutions, Vertex3, Esri, and the University of Washington. The FISDM community invites organizations to get involved by participating in the Review Committee as well as the online forum (coming soon). Organizations that would like to participate in FISDM can submit their request at FISDM.org or email stu.rich(at)fisdm(dot)org. WHAT IS PROVIDED BY FISDM?
Industry professionals interested in bringing the visualization and analytical power of GIS to facility management and public safety data and workflows will be able to access the following via FISDM.org:

  • GIS Data Model
  • GIS Cartographic Templates
  • Sample Data Interoperability Tools
  • Sample Starter Kits

FISDM is an open source project and all the materials available through FISDM.org are free.

The FISDM open source project is a collection of best practice information models, cartographic designs, templates, and data interoperability tools to help the owners and operators of facilities to get started in building a Facilities GIS. FISDM is first and foremost a pragmatic approach to the storage and management of GIS data related to buildings. The intent is that industry professionals can take the materials from this site and start building a practical Facilities GIS implementation for their own portfolios. Learn more at http://www.FISDM.org.

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