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Global Market Research on Self-Driving Vehicles and Driver Assistance Systems

Matt Ball on July 10, 2014 - in Corporate, Transportation

Combinations of advanced driver assistance features that can enable semi-autonomous driving are now being brought to market for the first time. Increasing volumes and technology improvements mean that it is feasible to install the multiple sensors necessary for such capability thanks to cost reductions. Simple automated driving functions such as keeping in lane while adjusting speed to the vehicle in front are currently being introduced. The industry consensus is that the first more comprehensive self-driving features will be brought to market by 2020, but significant hurdles remain.

However, the obstacles are not all technological. Due to advances in computing power and software development, challenges such as image processing and sensor fusion are now ready for production use, and supervised decision-making software is being trialed on public roads. While more testing is still needed to develop robustness, the biggest practical hurdles before rollout to the public are those of liability, regulation, and legislation. In the long term, the technology has the potential to institute major changes in personal mobility, particularly in large cities.

Navigant Research forecasts that 94.7 million autonomous-capable vehicles will be sold annually around the world by 2035. This Navigant Research report analyzes the emerging global market for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) leading to semi-autonomous and autonomous driving. The study provides a discussion of the benefits of self-driving vehicles and barriers to implementation. Global market forecasts for autonomous-capable vehicle sales and volumes of key autonomous driving features and associated revenue, segmented by region and feature, extend through 2035. The report also provides a review of the core driver assistance technologies that make self-driving vehicles possible, as well as in-depth profiles of the leading industry players.

Key Questions Addressed:
  • What are the key technologies for autonomous driving?
  • Which will be the first self-driving features to come to market?
  • When will the first autonomous vehicles be available?
  • What are the major benefits of autonomous vehicles?
  • How fast will the market for autonomous driving technologies grow?
  • How much revenue can be expected from autonomous driving features?
  • Who are the key players working on autonomous driving technologies?

Find the report here; http://www.navigantresearch.com/research/autonomous-vehicles

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