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The country’s largest retirement community has new, world-class schools

Parul Dubey on June 21, 2024 - in News, Projects

Known as the world’s largest retirement community, The Villages in Central Florida continues to expand and add to its residential offerings—even for those who aren’t of retirement age or anywhere close to it. The latest project for the children of residents who work for qualified businesses within The Villages is adding additional campuses to The Villages Charter School (TVCS) to include new world-class high school academic and athletic facilities as well as a new K-8 school and a new Early Learning Center. The high school includes a four-story media tower and modern classrooms dedicated to such fields as engineering, fine arts, business, and computer science, as well as a state-of-the-art sports complex and theater. Meanwhile, the new K-8 school features a campus split between elementary and middle school education; and the Early Learning Center caters to children infant to VPK. Together these buildings ensure generations to come in the greater Villages community receive a proper education.


Matern Professional Engineering is undertaking 95 percent of the MEP work of this expansion. Tad Rivenbark, Director of Matern’s Construction Administration Department, can speak about how the company helped make TVHS into a “showcase” project— encompassing a sports compound to rival the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex—located in a community primarily known for its retirement-age residents, while adding the Early Learning Center and K-8 school as well. Rivenbark can explain how the construction team was able to overcome hurdles such as supply chain issues and an immutable opening date to deliver the project. He can also discuss “placing” a school of this size—as well as designing a new downtown square for the newly developed town of Middleton, Florida—within the established community of The Villages. Rivenbark can detail other full-campus relief schools his firm is involved in realizing, such as the Orange County Innovation High School project.

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