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Acrow Bridge Installed in Italy’s Vicenza Province to Provide Access for Pedestrians and Cyclists

Parul Dubey on June 21, 2024 - in Bridges, News, Transportation

Detour solution is also carrying utilities during a major bridge reconstruction project

PARSIPPANY, N.J.- Acrow, a leading international bridge engineering and supply company, has announced one of its modular steel bridges has been installed to provide access for pedestrians, cyclists and relocated utility lines during a project to reconstruct an aging and functionally obsolete structure in Northeast Italy.

After many years of service, the bridge spanning the Bacchiglione River on Provincial Road 20 connecting the towns of Longare and Secula was no longer compliant with current Italian structural standards. Of particular concern was the bridge’s vertical alignment and the numerous piers of the three-span structure, which could restrict the flow of water in the event of flooding. After long consideration of the available options, it was decided the best course of action would be to demolish and replace the bridge, as the route is considered critical to the road system of the towns and more broadly, the eastern part of the provincial territory. In addition to increasing the traffic capacity, a new structure could be designed with a single span, more resilient and better suited to the floodplain area than the original design, and include a pathway to provide a separate, safe route for pedestrians and cyclists.

Although vehicular traffic could be diverted on local roads during the project, a detour bridge was considered necessary to provide access for the heavy volume of pedestrians and cyclists who used the old structure. A modular steel pedestrian box bridge from Acrow was proposed by project contractor Carraro, and after evaluation by the local Road Authority and the Municipality, was determined to be the optimal solution for the project. Acrow’s bridge is 48 meters long with an internal width of 2.44 meters. The bridge was designed and equipped with external supports on both sides to carry relocated utility lines including water, sewage, natural gas, and telecoms.

Components arrived at the contractor’s warehouse in late January 2024. After preassembly, the four 12-meter-long segments were transferred several weeks later to the site and connected to create the full 48-meter bridge length. The structure was installed on March 7 using two cranes to lift and place it on the bearings, and after live load testing and transfer of the utilities, the bridge was commissioned and opened to the public on April 24. It will remain in service until completion of the new bridge and pathway as well as the repositioning of the utilities on the main bridge, now estimated to be 12 months.

“Acrow’s engineering excellence and strong commitment to customized service throughout this project enabled a successful outcome that was both efficient and cost-effective,” said Marco Mazzucato, Country Director, Acrow Italy. “As our strong relationships with contractors attest, Acrow is able to provide a full turnkey solution to projects, providing great value to both contractors and government agencies.”

“In addition to vehicular applications, Acrow’s versatile modular bridges can be engineered to provide safe pedestrian access in a variety of settings,” said Paul Sullivan, President – International Business at Acrow. “Available for rent or purchase, our easily installed solutions are manufactured with high-strength galvanized steel and designed to serve a wide range of applications throughout a service life of 75-100 years or more.”

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