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Flow Labs Unveils Integrated Signal Performance Measures (ISPMs), the Next Generation of Intersection Performance Measures

Parul Dubey on June 14, 2024 - in News, Products, Technology

By using AI to integrate multiple datasets, including detection, signal, and probe data, Flow Labs has created the most accurate and comprehensive method for agencies to analyze signal performance and reduce congestion.


OAKLAND, California – Flow Labs, a transportation software technology leader specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that makes roads cleaner, clearer, and safer, announced a new, proprietary standard for intersection performance measurement: Integrated Signal Performance Measures (ISPMs). ISPMs offer a more comprehensive approach to signal performance management, enabling improved accuracy, better decision support, and an entirely new strategy for addressing the limitations of traditional methods. ISPMs use AI to integrate multiple datasets, including detection, signal, and probe data, representing a significant step forward in traffic management with the potential to dramatically improve mobility nationwide.

The Problem with Traditional Methods

The deployment of Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs), and more recently Probe-Based Signal Performance Measures (PBSPMs) have significantly advanced intersection management over the past decade or more. While they’ve been helpful in providing engineers with tools to better understand signal performance, these more traditional methods have shown limitations, particularly concerning data completeness and accuracy.

ATSPMs, for example, provide crucial insights for signal retiming and traffic flow improvement, but rely on connectivity and expensive hardware, including detection devices that are frequently inaccurate. On the other hand, PBSPMs provide a regional hardware free solution, but offer limited diagnostic capabilities to identify signal issues, and sometimes lack accuracy due to low probe data penetration rates.

To overcome these varied challenges, Flow Labs developed Integrated Signal Performance Measures (ISPMs), building on the strengths of both technologies.

“Despite the advancements in signal performance measures over the last several years, many signals across the country continue to perform poorly, causing endless gridlock in communities,” said Jatish Patel, Founder and CEO of Flow Labs. “ATSPMs and PBSPMs have had a profound impact on signal analytics and have allowed signal management to get closer to its destination. We developed ISPMs to get us the whole way there, simultaneously combining the strengths and eliminating the weaknesses of its predecessors.”

The Power of ISPMs

By combining multiple datasets—including detection, signal, and probe data—Flow Labs’ ISPM uses AI to integrate the information into a more comprehensive and accurate analysis of signal performance. This holistic approach not only addresses the limitations of traditional measures, but also enhances diagnostic capabilities, decision support, and overall traffic signal management.

It’s important to note that ISPMs are not simply the addition of ATSPMs and PBSPMs. Instead, by compiling and analyzing various datasets, an ISPM can provide innovative performance measures that are not available in either, including detector health measures, accurate turning count movements, hardware-free red light running and dilemma zone entry detection, freight and truck activity, vulnerable road user and other safety insights.

Patel said, “ISPMs are a scalable, cost-effective solution that gives agencies the most comprehensive and accurate view of their intersections. It allows them to understand network behavior, and with decision support, adjust signal timing plans which can significantly reduce regional congestion and ease driver stress.”

Editor Note: Flow Labs’ CEO and Founder Jatish Patel will present on the new ISPM during a TAPCO webinar entitled, “Understanding the Role of Software in Intersection Management,” on Tuesday, June 18 at 12 p.m. EST. To register please click here.

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About Flow Labs

Flow Labs provides transportation agencies with data-driven software solutions designed to make transportation cleaner, clearer, and safer for everyone—right now. Founded in 2018, the company’s AI-powered platform generates best in class transportation intelligence to analyze, predict and optimize traffic flows across an entire city in seconds. Flow Labs achieves agency goals by using data from connected vehicles and traffic networks, with no need for expensive hardware or infrastructure modifications.

Flow Labs’ entire platform is scalable, offering a cost-effective path to integrate data, view network analytics, monitor traffic flows, optimize multi-modal traffic signals, and provide on-demand transportation project evaluation.

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