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KMI International Deploys PCA and Drone Documentation to Support Hurricane Readiness

Parul Dubey on June 12, 2024 - in Corporate, News

 KMI International is pleased to announce that its Disaster Recovery Department is working to ensure readiness before a storm forms using its property condition assessment (PCA) and drone documentation services.

“Hurricane season will soon be upon Florida once again,” said John Manning, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of KMI International. “While we cannot stop those powerful storms from occurring, it is well within our control to be adequately prepared ahead of the storms to enable a much faster and less costly recovery.”

By deploying drones to assess properties that could be affected by hurricanes when the flying conditions are more tranquil, KMI’s drone footage assesses the property from every aerial angle to learn where potential weaknesses are and plan how to address them. Potential sea-level rise is as important as the fortitude of any nearby breakwaters and the potential of water to topple any such barriers. Knowing where any possible frailties exist in water containment assures better preparedness ahead of hurricane season.

It is also critical to ensure that any important documents and electronic files stored at these sites are backed up well in advance of storm season. Blueprints, drawings, and timestamped photos of the pre-disaster property will aid in any reconstruction that will take place later. Copies should be stored off-site and be appropriately secured. However, no matter how much preparation happens before landfall, these incredibly powerful storms can bring damage not only to the property but also to seawalls, boats, waterways, power infrastructure, roads, and even building foundations—all of which will need to be assessed and repaired. Post-storm efforts are all a part of KMI’s Disaster Recovery Services.

KMI’s Property Condition Assessment experts oversee an audit of the storm damage with photos and videos to determine how the building itself has been affected, as well as if any potential secondary effects on the surrounding environment require attention. Mold and microorganisms thrive in these moist environments, so having a plan to address water intrusion is important. KMI’s recovery plan includes providing repair and reconstruction cost estimates for structural stabilization and working with insurance companies to ensure fair settlements. Moving these rebuilding plans forward as quickly as possible is just one part of KMI’s project management services.

KMI’s Disaster Recovery Services ensure readiness in pending climate-related occurrences. The goal is to ensure everyone is prepared for these weather events and help speed the road to recovery.

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