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Miami-Dade County Selects Woolpert to Provide GIS Services to Support New NG911 Routing System

Parul Dubey on May 31, 2024 - in Corporate, News

The contract will help provide more accurate and comprehensive emergency routing information for dispatchers and first responders.

MIAMI — Miami-Dade County has contracted Woolpert to provide GIS and consulting services to support its new Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG911) emergency management routing system.

Under this contract, Woolpert will help identify, collect, and digitize missing information for the new system, including missing addresses and routing data for existing, newly constructed, and planned sites. Woolpert also will help identify and collect information for unique sites, such as dual carriageways that require special consideration for routing.

Woolpert Project Manager Yaneev Golombek said that Woolpert will take a hybrid approach to closing the system’s information gap, including both in-office processing and field work.

“Woolpert will utilize a series of GIS software and techniques to correct and update routing and address data. Where in-office techniques are not 100% reliable, Woolpert will have a field team that will utilize remote GIS apps to verify and update information out in the field,” Golombek said. “This hybrid approach will ensure that all data utilized by emergency management services are correct and reliable.”

Woolpert Program Director Rick Householder said that the system is critical in supporting the work of Miami-Dade County dispatchers and first responders.

“Miami-Dade County’s No. 1 priority is enhancing public safety for its residents, and Woolpert is focused on providing an emergency routing system that is comprehensive, accurate, and able to help first responders do their job as efficiently as possible,” Householder said. “This contract will confirm that all address and routing data, for both residential and commercial properties, are enhanced and incorporated into the system as quickly as possible and ready for immediate use.”

Householder said Woolpert also will provide training to facilitate a smooth process for inputting future data into the system, enabling new roads and addresses to become available for emergency vehicle routing as soon as they are open for traffic or occupied, respectively.

The contract is underway.

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