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2024 AEC Technology, Products, Services and Design Software Guide

This guide briefly showcases innovative AEC technology, products, services and design software used by civil and structural engineers throughout the industry. If your company should have been included, let us know at  [email protected] or [email protected], and we’ll add it online.

American Concrete Institute

The American Concrete Institute’s ACI University is a global, online learning resource, providing on-demand access to a wide range of topics on concrete materials, design and construction.

ACI University gives access to ACI education resources with more than 260 on-demand courses. ACI currently offers an all-access subscription to ACI University webinars and on-demand courses. This 12-month subscription includes all ACI live webinars and all ACI’s 260-plus on-demand courses. ACI members receive free access to ACI University webinars and on-demand courses.

ACI University now offers six ACI University Certificate program packages. You can now obtain in-depth knowledge about several topics and earn a program certificate that can be used on social media, job boards, email signatures and more.

Certificate programs include:

• GFRP Bars Using the ACI CODE-440.11-22 (New!)

• Fundamentals of Concrete Construction

• Anchorage Design

• Fundamentals of Concrete and Materials

• Repair Application Procedures

• Concrete Constructability

ACI is an approved education provider for AIA and ICC. To learn more about the ACI University or the certificate program, visit ACIUniversity.com.

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Allplan is a powerful parametric BIM solution for bridge engineers, combining all phases of bridge design into one solution, from detailed model creation to structural analysis and the generation of high-quality drawings, reports, and documents.

It features tailored solutions for different bridge types, such as precast girder bridges, and all parts of super and substructure including bridge equipment. Modeling capabilities are fully parametric and include intelligent reinforcement for easy templating and fast, precise model changes for maximum flexibility and superior project delivery.

The software is also fully interoperable with other platforms, including OpenRoads, Civil 3D, and more. As a member of the OpenBIM initiative, Allplan is leading the charge to digitalize the AEC industry, support IFC standards, and enable the holistic design, construction and management of bridges and structures.

Doug Evans

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Applied Bolting Technology

Applied Bolting Technology produces Squirter DTIs (Direct Tension Indicators) that supply a bright orange indication when bolts have been tensioned, making tight bolts easy to see. DTIs are load cells that ensure compliance with bolting standards and specs. Torque, Turn-of-Nut and TCs can all produce false-positive tension, and regularly do: Torque scatter is ±40% for new bolts, and worse for weathered. Relying on torque is optimism, at best. TCs are torque bolts that are adversely affected by cold or wet weather. Turn-of-Nut can be defeated by misrepresenting turn angle, regardless of turn applied. DTIs read load. If a bolt is tight, a DTI will show it, independent of weather, torque, angle, tool or skill.

Chris Curven

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Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems is the infrastructure engineering software company. We provide innovative software to advance the world’s infrastructure, sustaining both the global economy and environment. Our industry-leading software solutions are used by professionals and organizations of every size for the design, construction and operations of roads and bridges, rail and transit, water and wastewater, public works and utilities, buildings and campuses, mining, and industrial facilities. Our offerings, powered by the iTwin Platform for infrastructure digital twins, include MicroStation and Bentley Open applications for modeling and simulation; Seequent’s software for geoprofessionals; and Bentley Infrastructure Cloud encompassing ProjectWise for project delivery, SYNCHRO for construction management and AssetWise for asset operations.


Bull Moose Tube

Founded in 1962, Bull Moose Tube boasts more than a half-century of proven experience providing customers with superior steel pipe and tube. Our enduring commitment to quality, innovation and service has made us one of the most respected names in our field and allowed us to grow into one of the largest producers of HSS and mechanical tubing in North America—and the market leader in sprinkler pipe. Our eight manufacturing facilities help ensure consistent product availability with industry-leading geographic reach, and our new Sinton, Texas, facility further expands the company’s product offerings in HSS, sprinkler pipe and pipe pile.

John W. Phillipp

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CivilGEO develops civil engineering and stormwater software that greatly speeds up an engineer’s work when performing water resource model studies. Flood studies, bridge design, dam failure, detention pond design, urban drainage and more can be analyzed and designed. Users typically save at least 50 percent of their engineering time using the advanced automation that the software provides. The software tightly integrates with Autodesk Civil 3D and Bentley MicroStation as well as Esri’s ArcGIS and ArcMap. Free demonstration versions are available for trial.

Sara Presta
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GraniteNet NEW Defect Coding with AI Service

Tired of looking at pipeline videos? Outsource this tedious work to the CUES Defect Coding Service and let its machines process the video using artificial intelligence (AI) for consistent accuracy, speed-to-completion and final review done by PACP-certified inspectors. Get caught up and allow your staff and engineers to focus on more-inspiring and productive work, and let the machines do most of the work.

Also, CUES offers a sophisticated decision-support service, Prescriptive Planning, that’s based on the results of the AI-processed inspections to help prioritize risk and organize the types of work that should be done along with the suggested method of repair/replacement—based on out-of-the-box or customized decision logic. Quantify the type of work, assess your budgets and streamline contractor bids for the specific rehabilitation jobs needed to be done.

For anyone looking to transform their organization from reactive to proactive, CUES Defect Coding and AI services are a turnkey solution to make it happen. Call for a discussion or demo.

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DuraFuse Frames

DuraFuse Frames has your back for any steel moment frame project. For projects where wind is the controlling hazard, DuraFuse connections reduce total steel tonnage, simplify fabrication, and enable rapid and safe frame construction. When seismic demands control design, you get both construction economy and resilience through repairability. Ensure your building is ready for the next earthquake and reoccupation afterward. Earthquake damage is confined to a replaceable fuse without beam or column damage, minimizing post-event repair cost and duration.

For any design scenario, our engineers collaborate with your design team to develop the most economical, high-performance design options for new construction or retrofit projects.

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Esri is the global leader in cloud-based and desktop geographic information system (GIS) software and location intelligence. Esri’s GIS solutions deliver unique and powerful technology for applying location-based analytics to building and infrastructure industry projects.

Architects, engineers, construction professionals and environmental consultants benefit from adding geographic context to their engineering and design projects. ArcGIS, the flagship product, delivers spatial data to plan, design, build and operate the built and natural world. With ArcGIS and partner offerings that extend its capabilities, Esri enables digital transformation in AEC and environmental management firms of all sizes working on projects of all types.

Esri technology is geo-enabling the industry through improved workflows, better collaboration between stakeholders, and strategic solutions to build smart communities and assets for the future.

Marc Goldman

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Heidelberg Materials

Heidelberg Materials is one of the largest heavy construction materials manufacturers with ambitions to lead our industry on the path to net zero carbon and a circular economy for cement and concrete. In North America, the company previously known as Lehigh Hanson now operates more than 450 locations under the Heidelberg Materials name. With nearly 9,000 employees, we have made significant progress in digital solutions for simple communications and transparent, consistent concrete. We are future-focused on decarbonization with expanding the availability of SCMs and carbon capture storage for our cement plants in Edmonton, Alberta, and Mitchell, Ind. Please contact us for sustainable, digital solutions on your next project.

Lori Tiefenthaler

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Kryton doesn’t just do concrete; we craft resilient solutions for construction’s challenges. Our waterproofing products empower stakeholders to navigate the evolving built environment. Smart Concrete addresses labor shortages, improves quality and reduces environmental impact. We offer a partnership where experts work with you to tailor solutions, cut costs, enhance productivity and meet deadlines. We’re dedicated to realizing your concrete dreams, innovating solutions for success. Let’s build a future where challenges lead to achievements.

Are you looking for:

• Solutions with a history of proven success

• Products that have been independently tested and certified

• Consultation and technical support

• Clients to meet their sustainability goals

• Clients to reduce their structure’s lifetime carbon footprint

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Nearmap provides easy, instant access to high-resolution aerial imagery, city-scale 3D content, AI datasets, geospatial tools and more. Using its own patented camera systems and processing software, Nearmap captures widescale urban areas in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand several times each year, making current content instantly available in the cloud via web app or API integration. Every day, Nearmap helps thousands of users conduct virtual site visits for deep, data-driven insights—enabling informed decisions, streamlined operations and better financial performance. Founded in Australia in 2007, Nearmap is one of the largest aerial survey companies in the world.

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New Millennium

Specification Tools for Joist and Deck

Our steel joist and deck BIM models are downloadable from ARCAT and MasterSpec. You also have access to updated steel joist and deck load tables and catalogs featuring convenient, interactive PDF formats. And our new online tools help to simplify correct specification based on your application. Visit https://tools.newmill.com.

Have you also heard? Long-span composite floor systems are engineered to improve multi-story building design and construction. Three types of “thin-slab” floor systems represent the category: composite joists, deep-ribbed composite and dovetail composite. We can help you select the right system based on floor span, depth, loads, fire, vibration, acoustic ratings and overall aesthetics. Visit www.newmill.com/longspan.

Together, let’s build it better. 

Joseph Voigt

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Nucor Skyline

Your True Project Partner

• Offering the broadest range of steel foundation and geostructural products in the industry

• Nationwide manufacturing, fabrication, coating and engineering expertise

• Part of the Nucor family, North America’s most-diversified steel and steel products company

We are a premier steel foundation manufacturer and supplier, serving the North American market. Our flagship products include an unparalleled assortment of:

• H-Piles

• Steel Sheet Piles

• Anchors

• Pipe Piles

• Threaded Bars

• Micropiles

• Tie Rods

• Solar Piles

• Wide Flange and other Structural Sections

• Piling Accessories

Nucor Skyline’s knowledgeable engineering team works with owners, engineers and contractors long before ground is broken. To ensure seamless project coordination and completion, our engineers propose solutions throughout all aspects of design, material selection, installation and construction sequencing. Nucor Skyline’s engineering support is extended even further to include provision of onsite assistance after a project has started. Our relationships extend beyond sales—we are your true project partner.

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Nucor Vulcraft/Verco Group

Nucor Vulcraft and Verco is North America’s leading manufacturer of steel joists, decking and steel bar grating. Our core values prioritize quality, innovation and service, with a firm commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. As part of Nucor Corporation, we use Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) technology to produce steel products made from an average of 77.3% recycled content. We also measure the sustainability of our products with industry-leading Environmental Products Declarations (EPDs). Our team of experts is always available to help create sustainable solutions for your next project.

Learn more about the Nucor Vulcraft and Verco advantages:

• Range of innovative and sustainable solutions

• Technical expertise

• Production and delivery flexibility

• Convenient sales offices

Nucor Vulcraft and Verco

Powerful partnerships. Powerful results.

Dave Bjork

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Oldcastle Infrastructure

Oldcastle Infrastructure, a CRH Company and an industry leader in infrastructure solutions, has a suite of digital Stormwater Design Tools targeted to help engineers, specifiers, regulators and contractors design and assess site-specific stormwater management systems in an effortless and timely manner. What makes Oldcastle Infrastructure’s Design Tools different is that it offers an entire suite of solutions, from detention and treatment to green infrastructure and deep infiltration, all easily accessible in one dashboard. The Design Tools technology is self-service and easy-to-use with drag-and-drop functionality, meaning users can design on their own time, without worrying over time zones and deadlines. The result? Documents that can be seamlessly incorporated and easily submitted for project approval. Try it out for yourself:



Reveal are world leaders in subsurface utility engineering (SUE) technology solutions. Reveal helps major infrastructure projects and asset owners proactively map and model the underground utilities on their sites, avoiding dangerous utility strikes and costly rework and redesign.

Reveal’s Undermaps platform brings together all sources of data on the underground, including historical utility plans, geophysical investigations, reality capture scans, and photo and video evidence to create a Unified Utility Model: the most accurate and comprehensive 3D model of underground utilities in a project area.

Undermaps is available for use worldwide by engineers, contractors and asset managers. Visit www.reveal.nz to reach out and find out more.

Luke Herlihy

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SafeTcrete Maximum Performance Fiber adds tremendous flexural strength to concrete admixtures.

In addition to its resistance to cracking, it’s extremely blast and shatter resistant.

Its proprietary coating chemically bonds it to concrete. In most applications, it will not pull free. It can displace or even eliminate steel rebar in many applications.

It can significantly reduce labor costs and enhance the performance of your concrete.

Call us to see test results and learn more.

Raymond Pascale

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The Advantage

StormRax’s innovative portfolio of trash racks and debris-screening devices come in a wide variety and are designed to fit both common and unique outfall structures in stormwater management systems.

Designed and manufactured in the United States by the team at Plastic Solutions, StormRax are constructed from high-quality, fiberglass-reinforced structural HDPE that will never rust. The innovative design is engineered and proven to be strong, UV stabilized, chemical resistant, environmentally friendly and long-lasting. The weight is 55% less than steel, making installation and structure maintenance a breeze.

To uphold our commitment to designing durable and environmentally friendly products for your stormwater system needs, our website is updated with common size-specific drawings to incorporate in project plans.

Matt Myer

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DesignLab: Empowering Engineers to Create Site-Specific Solutions

StormTrap recently launched DesignLab, an innovative online platform developed to transform the way engineers design stormwater management systems. DesignLab empowers professionals by providing a seamless, user-friendly platform to create customized stormwater management solutions effortlessly. By simply inputting project details, users can immediately generate project drawings and specifications tailored to their unique requirements.

Instant Design Generation: DesignLab offers a unique interface where users can input their project details to instantly generate customized project drawings and specifications.

Tailored Solutions: DesignLab provides a wide range of stormwater management options, including detention, infiltration, treatment and rainwater harvesting systems. 

Streamlined Workflow: With its intuitive interface and automated design processes, DesignLab simplifies the stormwater design workflow, making it more efficient. 

Visit https://stormtrap.com/ and create an account to start designing your project today.

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Transoft Solutions

Transoft Solutions develops advanced and highly specialized software solutions for civil infrastructure, transportation and traffic-safety professionals. Our portfolio of planning, simulation, modeling, design and road-safety analysis solutions is used in more than 150 countries.

AutoTURN: The most advanced and comprehensive swept-path software available to check your site and road designs.

TORUS: The most comprehensive solution for roundabout design and analysis.

GuideSIGN: Create and design highway and roadway signs, plan the installation of traffic signs, and easily add in pavement markings.

AQCESSRAMP: Plan, retrofit, design and 3D model curb ramps to compliance in minutes.

TrafxSAFE: Understand collisions before they happen with an on-demand video-analytics platform that proactively solves road-safety issues.

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ABB understands the challenges faced when specifying and installing Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) to control speed/pressure or flow in pump and fan applications. Our expert water/wastewater teams can help you navigate industry issues such as motor and VFD sizing, installation and cooling, harmonics and IEEE519, process control demands, and pump/fan protections that help to keep your end user’s operations running.

The ACQ580 VFD is optimized for water/wastewater, with built-in features such as intelligent pump control, pump cleaning, cavitation detection and much more, while the Ultra-Low Harmonic variant solves one of the water industry’s silent challenges with harmonics and utility power quality, while offering uninterrupted operations on backup generators that can be “right-sized” for the VFD.

ABB Drives and Drives Services

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Atlas Tube

Atlas Tube, a Zekelman company, is North America’s leading manufacturer of steel hollow structural sections (HSS) and straight-seam ERW pipe piling. With seven manufacturing locations, Atlas mills produce the broadest size range available, including Jumbo HSS sizes up to HSS 22″ squares and 34″ x 10″ rectangles, and Pipe Piles up to 28″ OD rounds with 1″ wall thickness. Atlas manufactures to ASTM A500, ASTM A252, CSA G40.21 and ASTM A1085 specifications.

Atlas structural products are readily available nationwide through stocking distributors. All products can be rolled to custom and extra-long lengths to meet specific project requirements. Our engineering team offers education programs and is available to support your project.

Contact Atlas Tube to learn more.

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Civil 3D enables civil engineers to efficiently plan and design projects, streamline workflows, and automate repetitive tasks. Civil 3D helps reduce project timelines and costs, and promotes sustainability by allowing engineers to optimize design for environmental impact. The software also aids in risk reduction by providing accurate quantity estimates and analysis, ensuring project viability and safety. Ultimately, Civil 3D supports business growth by enhancing productivity, enabling better decision making, and delivering high-quality designs that meet client needs. 


BarSplice Products, Inc.

For more than 35 years, BarSplice Products has been at the forefront of the reinforced concrete industry, offering advanced mechanical splicing and headed anchorage solutions. Known for rapid response, exceptional customer service and cost-effective products, we are a top-trusted coupler supplier in the United States, Canada and beyond.

Our innovative, FITT (Field Installed Threaded Termination) product highlights our dedication to create versatile, high-quality products capable of exceeding quality and strength requirements. Made entirely in the USA, FITT offers a sustainable alternative to traditional cast steel options. It requires no heat, welding or forging. Designed for simplicity, it reduces congestion and simplifies stress patterns, ensuring durability with easy installation—no bar end prep; just tighten with a pipe wrench and you’re done.

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Trusted by more than 2.5 million individuals in more than 165 countries, Bluebeam’s smart, intuitive solutions advance the way building professionals work, manage and collaborate on projects digitally. Founded in 2002 in Pasadena, Calif., Bluebeam is part of the Nemetschek Group and has grown to include three additional U.S. locations and five global offices. Bluebeam Revu and Bluebeam cloud work together to address the collaboration needs of the construction industry in the office and the field. Download a free 30-day trial on our website.

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Cretex Specialty Products

PRO-RING is the most advanced concrete-alternative manhole and catchbasin grade-adjustment system available anywhere. Available in round, square and rectangular, these rings are manufactured from Expanded Polypropylene (EPP), which is renowned for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, durability, chemical resistance and long service life under harsh conditions.

One person can install the PRO-RING system in just minutes to within a quarter inch of finished grade, and they are watertight. Where concrete rings break and may cause injury, the PRO-RING system eliminates the hazard, helping minimize the risk of injury. A 6” PRO-RING weighs just 14 pounds and stands up to all kinds of physical abuse. The PRO-RING system dramatically speeds manhole installation and repair time. Manhole repair sites can be opened, repaired and closed in one day, reducing overall costs from 20% to 30%, based on conditions.




VLT Condition-Based Monitoring

Danfoss VLT condition-based monitoring allows users to employ their AC drive as a smart sensor. With condition-based monitoring, internal sensors monitor activity beyond the drive, gathering data from multiple sources to generate vital, real-time insights to better understand what’s happening in the entire system, enable real-time early detection of issues such as leakage or clogged filters, and minimize unplanned and costly downtime.

This software functionality embeds monitoring functions in the drive, allowing the drive to perform functions such as monitoring of motor stator winding conditions, mechanical-vibration monitoring and load-envelope monitoring with or without a connection to the cloud. Users can set various thresholds and automatically or manually determine the baseline for monitoring with different methods in accordance with relevant standards and guidelines.

Jackson Tiedmann

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Dlubal offers powerful programs for structural and dynamic analysis for multiple materials, including steel, concrete, timber, cross-laminated timber (CLT), aluminum, glass and fabric/form-finding per the American, Canadian and other International Standards.

RFEM is a nonlinear FEA program for analyzing member, plate, wall, shell and solid elements. It’s one of the most highly sophisticated yet user-friendly programs, especially suitable for new users with its intuitive modeling workflow. 

Due to a wide range of interfaces, RFEM also provides seamless integration between CAD and structural-analysis programs in Building Information Modeling (BIM). Bidirectional data exchange between RFEM and programs such as Tekla Structures, Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD are possible.

See why more than 5,000 engineering offices, construction companies and universities across the world trust in Dlubal Software. 

Amy Heilig, P.E.

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An alternative to grinders and chopper pumps, the Duperon Dual Auger System (DAS) is comprised of two vertical, electrically driven, counter-rotating augers that catch, dewater, compact and remove rags, wipes and other debris from the waste stream. Each unit features a brushless, 0.71” bar screen that passes organics and conveys compacted non-dissolvable debris to a discharge extension chute for disposal as well as a built-in bypass to avoid the risk of backups during power outages. Users save time and money by eliminating the manual cleaning of clogged pumps and the use of maintenance-intensive grinders that send debris downstream only to re-weave and become problematic again. The compact, fully submersible DAS can be installed in a wet well or manhole as small as 17 inches.

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EIT Tendon System

Introducing the Electrically Isolated Tendon (EIT) System by DYWIDAG. Easily integrated into new builds, this system provides complete electrical isolation for steel PT tendons within the concrete structure, virtually eliminating corrosion risks. By preventing the formation of corrosion cells between the tendons and exterior reinforcement, the DYWIDAG EIT System ensures unparalleled longevity and structural integrity. Specifically designed for rail applications, it offers full isolation from stray currents, coupled with long-term monitoring capabilities for ongoing performance assurance. With leak-proof design and corrosion protection, our system guarantees a longer structure service life. We are known for our innovative, high-quality and full line of geotechnical, post-tensioning and stay-cable systems. DYWIDAG also offers a range of services and equipment that help restore, repair, maintain and monitor the integrity of your structure, ensuring safety and long-term performance. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

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Easi-Set Worldwide

Easi-Set Worldwide has been developing industry-leading precast concrete products for engineering applications for more than 40 years. Easi-Set’s engineers innovate, test and continually improve a full lineup of products for precast concrete companies across the globe to license for manufacture. This model allows Easi-Set to concentrate on product advancements while giving customers access to a vast network of highly qualified manufacturers.

Easi-Set’s top engineer-specified products:

1. SlenderWall: A high-thermal-performance turnkey precast architectural envelope panel with integrated interior wall studs. www.slenderwall.com

2. Easi-Set Buildings: Highly resilient precast concrete modular buildings. www.easisetbuildings.com

3. Beach Prisms: Parabolic coastal erosion control barriers. www.beachprisms.com

4. SoftSound: Superior noise wall technology for highway and commercial use. www.softsoundwall.com

5. J-J Hooks: North America’s most-specified precast highway safety barrier. www.jjhooks.com

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NEW! ENERCALC for Revit—The familiar power of ENERCALC’s calculation engine as a seamless extension of the Revit environment. No cut/paste. No import/export. Just simple, intuitive design of structural elements directly from your Revit model.

ENERCALC SEL includes 41 different calculation modules, including 3D FEM, beams, columns, footings, walls, 2D frames, earth retention structures and more. Easy calculation setup and confirmation, instant recalculation, and smooth, consistent workflow across all modules.

ENERCALC offers instant “what if?” recalculation, producing clear, concise report output. Install our software on your computers and/or use the cloud—we include both. Our budget-friendly subscriptions include updates/support.

More than 41,000 engineers use ENERCALC to save time and respond quickly to last-minute changes so you can get home for dinner on time. Try ENERCALC today.

Jennifer Eldridge
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For more than 25 years, Enidine has been supplying highly engineered energy-absorption components for protecting high-value infrastructure assets.

Our viscous dampers are hydraulic devices that dissipate the kinetic energy of seismic events and cushion the impact between structures. They are versatile and can be designed to allow free movement as well as controlled damping of a structure to protect it from wind load, thermal motion or seismic events. Available in ratings up to 1,000 KIP, seismic dampers are well suited for large displacement and/or large load applications such as bridges, buildings and large structures, offering the ultimate in protection.

Contact us today to learn more about our full line of infrastructure-protection products.

Rob Marshick

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SureColor T5770DM 36-Inch Large-Format Multifunction CAD/Technical Printer 

The new benchmark in high-speed technical printing, the SureColor T5770DM 36-inch multifunction printer delivers innovation, speed and versatility. Featuring industry-leading PrecisionCore printhead technology, it delivers A1/D-sized prints in as fast as 16 seconds and leverages vibrant Epson’s UltraChrome XD3 six-color ink set with Red Ink for an extraordinary color gamut. It also features an integrated 36-inch dual-light scanner that enables high-speed scanning, up to 10 inches per second (black and white) and 4.5 inches per second (color) as well as copying capabilities. With wireless connectivity, users can print from virtually anywhere and scan a variety of file formats directly to a mobile device using the Epson Smart Panel app. The SureColor T5770DM features a compact design with full front operation.


Flow Labs

Flow Labs provides transportation agencies with data-driven software solutions designed to make transportation cleaner, clearer and safer for everyone—right now. Founded in 2018, the company’s AI-powered platform generates best-in-class transportation intelligence to analyze, predict and optimize traffic flows across an entire city in seconds. Flow Labs achieves agency goals by using data from connected vehicles and traffic networks, with no need for expensive hardware or infrastructure modifications.

Flow Labs’ entire platform is scalable, offering a cost-effective path to integrate data, view network analytics, monitor traffic flows, optimize multi-modal traffic signals and provide on-demand transportation project evaluation.

The company is dedicated to helping agencies find issues, fix problems and fund projects. Visit flowlabs.ai or follow us on X/Twitter and LinkedIn


Fyfe FRP

Through time, the stresses of daily wear take their toll on pipelines, bridges, tanks, buildings and other structures. Fyfe develops and designs materials that strengthen, repair and restore these deteriorating structures—sometimes to better-than-new condition.

Founded in 1988 to strengthen failing bridge columns using aerospace materials, Fyfe is a pioneer in the fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) structural strengthening industry.


Today we are a world leader in designing and manufacturing Tyfo, a system of specialized carbon and glass fabrics, which we combine with polymers to strengthen a wide range of masonry, concrete, steel and timber structures. The Tyfo FRP system is also used to rehabilitate piping systems.

Mark Brand
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GeoTree Solutions

GeoTree Solutions (GeoTree) offers a wide range of highly engineered solutions designed to repair, protect, strengthen and rehabilitate critical infrastructure assets spanning industrial and civil infrastructure markets.


GeoTree’s GeoSpray geopolymer system is made of a high-performance, fiber-reinforced geopolymer mortar, specifically formulated and engineered as an environmentally friendly solution for rehabilitating a range of infrastructure, including culverts, stormwater collections and larger structures under bridges that might be classified as culverts or as bridges.


GeoTree’s RenewWrap CFRP strengthening system comprises a wide range of carbon and glass FRP reinforcements and compatible saturating resins highlighted by our ICC-ES certified (ESR-3663) FRP strengthening system. It’s ideal for use on bridges, specifically for column strengthening, decking/slab reinforcement, footing, girders, pier caps and piles.

John Hepfinger
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HydroCAD Software Solutions

HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling provides easy TR-20, TR-55, SBUH and Rational hydrology plus TC calculations, pond storage, outlet hydraulics, pump routing, pollutant loading and much more. Modeling underground storage is easy with the extensive chamber library that supports hundreds of different products from more than 40 manufacturers. The latest HydroCAD 10.2 update provides enterprise-wide licensing on a permanent or annual basis. For details, visit www.hydrocad.net.

Robyn Piper
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Infotech provides software solutions for construction administration and inspection, secure online bidding, and paperless contracting. As the official contractor for AASHTOWare Project, Infotech is uniquely positioned to work with state, local and private entities on streamlining outdated processes and introducing new efficiencies. Interested in working with us? We offer the following solutions:

• Appia: Designed for project owners and their consultants, Appia helps construction teams track quantities, change orders, reports and more.

• Bid Express: Created for public agencies and counties, Bid Express provides a secure, online platform for all your construction bidding or procurement needs.

• Doc Express: Included with Appia, Doc Express enables teams to handle contracts and other documents electronically.

Contact us today for a demo with your project data.

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Invisible Structures 

Grasspave2 by Invisible Structures provides a durable and effective green porous paving solution for nearly any application. Designed by a landscape architect, Grasspave2 is flexible, lightweight and provides design versatility for any project. Our trademark ring-on-grid design is what gives our products a competitive advantage—evenly spaced rings make for a flexible yet strong structure with independent weight distribution and no stress points. It provides a long-term green paving alternative that can reduce CO2 emissions, lessen the urban heat-island effect and filter out environmental toxins through bioremediation. Plus, Grasspave2 is tested and certified to meet the DOJ ADA requirements for a smooth and stable exterior surface. Grasspave2 creates a stunning surface and unique look that will last for decades with minimal maintenance.

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IDEA StatiCa

IDEA StatiCa is an innovative software designed for structural engineers specializing in steel connection and concrete member design. It uses inelastic analysis to simulate and analyze complex joints, ensuring compliance with engineering principles and code requirements. The software streamlines the design process, allowing for detailed stress analysis, optimization and validation of connections. With its user-friendly interface, IDEA StatiCa enhances engineers’ capabilities, making it an essential tool for modern, BIM-integrated structural design. IDEA StatiCa also integrates with the most popular structural analysis, steel detailing and BIM software to allow the re-use of models and provide time savings.

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i-ALERT Solutions, a new subscription-based model utilizing market-leading i-ALERT sensors and software, removes the guesswork from condition monitoring, allowing operators to maximize uptime and reduce maintenance costs using actionable insights from qualified experts. With i-ALERT Solutions, you can expect to quickly identify machine-performance issues, avoid unplanned downtime and extend equipment lifetimes, while improving safety and maximizing output.

i-ALERT Solutions specialized analysts will review the data, identify issues and send information directly to the maintenance department to resolve the issue or order replacement parts in the time it used to take an operator to decipher data and identify a machinery malfunction. i-ALERT Solutions is available with three subscription options to choose from, offering a unique condition-monitoring experience customized for any business.

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Developing precision sensors and software for 60 years, KISTERS helps agencies and consulting engineers continuously monitor water, weather and the environment to protect communities and infrastructure. Efficiently collect, secure, validate and optimize data from myriad sources, including data partners, commercial raster/satellite and open data sources for real-time operations, continuous improvement and long-term planning. Integrate KISTERS IT with Esri GIS for advanced timeseries and spatial capabilities. Explore how local, county, state and federal agencies use our innovations to forecast water and weather risks, coordinate flood warnings, and sustain hydropower and clean water supplies.

Jens Proche, software

Dave Procyk, hardware

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Pressure Monitoring Solution

Experience comprehensive water management with LEC’s integrated Pressure Monitoring Solution and iQ2 Web-based Platform. Our solution combines cutting-edge technology to deliver real-time insights into water pressure levels, system performance, and operational efficiency.

Key Features:

• Pressure Monitoring: Monitor water pressure levels in real-time for proactive maintenance and rapid response to fluctuations.

 iQ2 Web-based Platform: Seamlessly integrate diverse systems like Pressure Monitoring, Lift Stations, and GenSet under one interface.

• Data-driven Insights: Optimize system performance, reduce downtime, and improve overall water management.

• Remote Monitoring and Alerts: Stay connected with customizable alerts and remote monitoring capabilities for quick decision-making operations.

Our solutions save you drips, dollars and hours to ensure optimal performance across your water infrastructure. Come unlock the potential of smart water with LEC!

Scott Walker

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Planigrout PT

Planigrout PT is a non-shrinking, fluid, cement-based grout used to fill the annular space around post-tensioned strands in PT ducts. Some features and benefits of this innovative grout include a long working time and the fact that it can be used in horizontal, vertical and repair applications. Planigrout PT is easily pumped, corrosion-resistant, aggregate-free and silica-fume enhanced. It can be used for the interior/exterior grouting of areas with tight clearances and around post-tensioned cables and ducts.

Planigrout PT carries a variety of industry standards and approvals, including compliance with PTI M55.1-19, Specification for Grouting of Post-Tensioned Structures and compliance with DOT specifications in numerous states. For more information, visit https://www.mapei.com/us/en-us/products-and-solutions/products/detail/planigrout-pt.



North American Green

Erosion Control Material Design Software (ECMDS) is a powerful, easy-to-use web-based tool, providing guidance in the selection of site-specific erosion-control materials. ECMDS 7.0 ensures the proper evaluation and design for soil-loss prediction, product specification and project planning on slopes, channels, spillways and more. ECMDS 7.0 is a necessity for every engineer, designer and contractor who must comply with today’s strict erosion- and sediment-control regulations, while ensuring design protection from start to finish. www.nagreen.com or www.ecmds.com 

Jill Pack

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Nucor Tubular Products

Nucor Tubular Products (NTP) is dedicated to defining the future of steel through commercial excellence and continual innovation. As our customers’ needs grow, so do our capabilities and the list of industries we are proud to serve. Steel is vital to the development and maintenance of America’s infrastructure, and Nucor is the largest, most-diverse supplier of infrastructure steels in the United States. With five HSS-producing mills across the United States, NTP provides one of the widest ranges of sizes and wall thicknesses of HSS in round, square and rectangular shapes. Our HSS is 100% recyclable, EAF melted and manufactured in the United States as well as produced to meet the toughest requirements for tight tolerances, straightness and material consistency.



OpenBrIM is the world’s first and only on-cloud, collaborative, parametric information modeling platform that combines 3D modeling, FEA, CAD, code check, load rating, inspection and more in your web browser. It provides medium- and long-term asset management and engineering-hour efficiency with reusable parametric library components and parametric workflows that are designed per user and/or their customer processes. It dramatically decreases time-consuming tasks with the power of parametric automations, which leads to a quick design turnaround, reduced NRE, cycle time and time-to-market resiliency. Moreover, the parametric library concept enables a strong asset management where the model can be recalled rather than remodeled, allowing engineers to pass the design intelligence onto other engineers and stakeholders throughout the bridge lifecycle.

Zeynep Bayam

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Founded in the late 1970s, Penetron developed cementitious waterproofing products and additives to create an optimal crystalline technology. Today, the Penetron System of products is sold around the world in more than 100 countries through qualified applicators and distributors. The know-how and experience gained during the last 40-plus years enabled Penetron to offer a broad range of concrete solutions, including crystalline permeability reducing and waterproofing admixtures and topicals. The Penetron System has been proven effective on countless major projects worldwide. The technical excellence of the products, and a knowledgeable and dependable team of people have made the company the industry leader.

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Red Lion

Red Lion has added feature enhancements to its N-Tron Series NT5000 Gigabit Managed Layer 2 Ethernet switches, with their renowned N-Ring technology, and DHCP Server, providing high-speed redundancy and increased usability to the award-winning Industrial Ethernet switch series.

Red Lion’s proprietary N-Tron Series N-Ring Manager adds reliability to these standout switches, with fast ring healing times of ~30ms to prevent disruptions. Robust ring management and diagnostic tools provide notification of a break as well as a detailed fault map. The new firmware also includes a DHCP Server for automatic IP address assignments. Support for DHCP Server option 61 and Relay agent with option 82 further simplifies the process of assigning IP addresses when field devices are moved or added to the network.

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Rhino Carbon Fiber

Rhino Carbon Fiber is an industry leader in concrete crack repair and structural strengthening, providing strong, efficient and easy-to-use products. Rhino Carbon Fiber continues to innovate, creating cost- and labor-effective concrete repair and strengthening solutions.

Rhino Carbon Fiber has utilized carbon fiber and its tensile properties to develop Concrete Crack Lock (CCL) stitches, one of the best concrete crack stabilizing products in the market today. CCL stitches are the evolution of an anchoring rebar/dowel used for similar applications.

Rhino’s easy-to-install, cost-effective CCL stitches are non-corrosive, 10x stronger than steel and designed to effectively prevent crack expansion. CCL stitches work exceptionally well on cracks that develop and expand under live loads.

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RISA’s suite of products offers a variety of solutions for structural steel design. RISAFloor provides complete building design, including composite steel beams, steel joists, camber and deflection optimization, and much more. RISA-3D is a general-purpose design software that can be used for building and non-building structures. RISA-3D’s steel design not only includes static and dynamic analysis and design per the latest codes, but also allows you to check moment frames and braced frames for the special seismic-specific provisions of the AISC Seismic Design Manual. RISAConnection offers steel connection design for a wide variety of shear, moment, brace, splice and base plate connections. Connection design can be done to U.S. or Canadian codes, and the special seismic provisions of AISC 341/358 also can be considered.

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New Concrete Floor Flatness Testing solution by KCI Technologies

RoboFlat is an advanced cloud solution for testing the flatness/levelness of concrete floors in robotic-equipped facilities. With this innovative software, users can upload point-cloud data generated from laser scanners for further analysis and evaluation, streamlining testing operations, processing large files and delivering rapid results. RoboFlat supports the ASTM 1155 and TR34 standards as well as custom standards that can be tailored to meet specific specifications. Remediation teams can quickly identify the exact location of any issues with RoboFlat’s heat and contour maps, detailed reports and DXF files that can be overlaid onto the floor design. Use RoboFlat to easily ensure that concrete floors in robotic warehouses meet the required floor specifications. 

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Sixense provides a distinct spread of tools that improves knowledge of infrastructure condition through asset-management software, sensor technology and instrumentation as well as nondestructive testing. Our integrated solutions unify inspections and monitoring data to optimize infrastructure management and decision processes. BeyondAsset is our software that optimizes bridge and asset inspections as well as management of any infrastructure. EverSense and BeyondMonitoring systems are turnkey instrumentation deliveries used for monitoring anything from a single bridge or tunnel to large infrastructure networks. EverScan is a unique portfolio of nondestructive measurement methods focusing on cable and post-tensioned structures.

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Announcing the new SkyCiv Quick Design QA library of more than 50 easy-to-use, online design tools for structural engineers. To name a few:

• Aluminium Design: ADM, AS 1664, Eurocode and CSA

• Steel Member Design: AISC, AS4100, CSA16 for members, shear lugs, purlins and lifting lugs

• Timber Design: NDS, Eurocode, CSA O86

• Scaffolding Design: Eurocode, AS 1576, AISC 360

• Concrete: Shear walls, development and crack width, slab on grades

• Custom Calculators: Need something specific? SkyCiv can help build your very own web-based calculator

Enjoy all these design tools on a simple and easy monthly subscription. Learn more at www.skyciv.com/quick-design

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Solmax is a world leader in sustainable construction solutions for civil and environmental infrastructure. Its pioneering products separate, contain, filter, drain and reinforce essential applications in a more-sustainable way, making the world a better place. The company was founded in 1981 and has grown through the acquisition of GSE, TenCate Geosynthetics and Propex. It is now the largest geosynthetics company in the world, empowered by more than 2,000 talented people. Solmax is headquartered in Quebec, Canada, with subsidiaries and operations across the globe.

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Steel Joist Institute

The Steel Joist Institute (SJI), a nonprofit organization of active joist manufacturers, was founded in 1928 to address the lack of uniform joist standards within the industry. Today, SJI continues to maintain the standards for steel joist construction as an ANSI-approved Standards Developing Organization. In addition, SJI provides resources, including publications, live and recorded webinars, and design tools to assist structural engineers or other AEC professionals with utilization of steel joists and joist girders. The Roof and Floor Bay Analysis Tools provide efficient and economical joist and joist girder options, including cost data, for most projects. Additionally, they include a vibration check (floor) and a ponding analysis (roof). We also offer tools such as the Joist and Joist Girder Reinforcement Tool, and we assist in identifying existing joists in buildings undergoing retrofit. SJI products are included in RISA, RAM, SCIA, Dlubal and SkyCiv software packages.

Download our free design tools at steeljoist.org/SJI-tools.

Ken Charles
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Steel Tube Institute

The Steel Tube Institute (STI) is the leading technical resource in North America for steel tube products. They provide several design tools, including HSS Connex, Connection Design Spreadsheets, an Effective Weld Length Calculator, a production Capability Tool and more.

HSS Connex checks HSS connection limit states and helps determine the minimum HSS wall thickness required. Connection Design Spreadsheets include Moment Connections, Shear Connections, and Truss and Bracing Connections. HSS Capability Tool identifies which shapes are available in the market, and who they are produced by.

HSS Connex and the Capability Tool are accessed for free, while the Connection Design Spreadsheets and Effective Weld Length Calculator are available via Professional Membership.

STI offers Producer Membership, Associate Membership, and Individual or Group Professional Memberships for designers. Professional membership provides access to live webinars, discounts on manuals, exclusive access to spreadsheet tools and more.

Design resources: https://steeltubeinstitute.org/hollow-structural-sections/hss-resources/

Membership: https://steeltubeinstitute.org/about-us/how-to-join/

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Steelike Inc. supplies ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) under the trademark Steelike, a more-sustainable building material that’s 5x stronger with 10x wear resistance and 100x corrosion resistance compared to traditional concrete. Steelike UHPC is mixable in standard ready-mix trucks, can be pumped and sprayed (shotcrete), and has been used for construction projects since 2014. Steelike UHPC meets or exceeds federal and state requirements for UHPC in highway infrastructure projects and has been successfully used for bridge deck overlays, link slabs, repair of steel girders and columns, and to connect precast deck panels and precast girders for Accelerated Bridge Construction. Steelike has also developed groundbreaking and cost-saving innovations such as eliminating grinding of UHPC connections and curing UHPC overlays without sheeting.

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STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, in partnership with SHO-BOND, offers advanced seismic solutions for retrofit and new-construction projects. Our innovative technologies, including the Shearing Stopper, Restraining Chain and Lead Rubber Bearing, enhance bridge resilience, preventing collapse during earthquakes and safeguarding lives and infrastructure investments.

Chris Davis

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Formerly the software development team of the Portland Cement Association (PCA), StructurePoint recently developed our new spLearn Education & Training Service and spConsult Specialty Engineering Service. Designed to provide continued PDH-accredited education and personalized support to complement your existing StructurePoint software subscription or as a one-time service. These services include personalized webinars, onsite training and prescheduled webinars along with our vast library of technical articles, design examples, case studies and video tutorials. Our core offering remains the suite of concrete analysis and design software programs: spColumn, spSlab, spMats, spWall and spBeam. We continue to upgrade the SP software as the only tool entirely dedicated to concrete design methods, standards and code provisions relevant for every infrastructure project today.

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Symetri specializes in delivering technology solutions and services across various industries, including design, engineering, construction, infrastructure, owner services and manufacturing. Our mission is to empower individuals to work smarter toward a sustainable future by providing access to cutting-edge expertise and technology.

Renowned as a leading Autodesk Platinum Partner, we are recognized for our innovative solutions that empower businesses. Our dedicated infrastructure team excels in facilitating the seamless integration of technologies such as Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro for Civil 3D. This powerful tool enables civil infrastructure teams to optimize efficiency, foster real-time collaboration and streamline data-sharing processes. This connected platform streamlines project coordination and model management, empowering businesses to optimize design and construction workflows effortlessly.

Trust Symetri as your reliable advisor to transform operations and drive success.

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Teledyne FLIR IIS

Ladybug6 is the leading high-resolution camera designed to capture 360-degree spherical images from moving platforms in all-weather conditions. The comprehensive SDK, industrial-grade hardware design and out-of-the-box factory calibration produces up to 134 Megapixel (MP) panoramic images with pixel values that are spatially accurate within +/- 2 mm at 10-meter distance. As the newest member of our field-proven Ladybug series, the Ladybug6 builds on our machine-vision heritage with increased image resolution, enhanced onboard processing and IP67 rating. Support for Global Navigation Satellite Systems combined with hardware inputs enable precise camera settings and trigger control. Customer applications include panoramic street image production, road surveying, asset management and feature extraction for HD map generation, among several others.

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Topcon Positioning Systems

Topcon Positioning Systems is an industry-leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of precision measurement and workflow solutions for the global construction and geospatial markets. Topcon has a mission to provide superior end-to-end business solutions by integrating high-precision measurement technology, software and data. Its vision is to improve productivity and workflow to meet global demand for sustainable agriculture and infrastructure. Topcon provides construction, surveying and engineering professionals with the advantages and know-how to be at the forefront of technological innovation to maximize efficiency.



Vaughan Company

Since 1960, the unrivaled Vaughan Chopper Pump has been on the cutting edge: a centrifugal pump with the unique ability to chop all incoming solids prior to pumping. This not only protects the pump from clogging, but it also benefits downstream components, processes and the environment. All wear components are cast steel and heat treated for maximum impact and wear resistance. These heavy-duty patented components create the ultimate pump for handling severe solids. This original chopper pump was built first and made to last in any application, including municipalities, housing developments, pulp and paper mills, hospitals, and more. With more than 64 years of experience, Vaughan Company is ready to assist.

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Woolpert is the premier architecture, engineering, geospatial (AEG) and strategic consulting firm with a vision to become one of the best companies in the world. We innovate within and across markets to effectively serve public, private and government clients worldwide. Woolpert is a Global Top 100 Geospatial Company; a Top 100 ENR Global Design firm; has earned seven Great Place to Work certifications; and actively nurtures a culture of growth, inclusion, diversity and respect. Founded in 1911 in Dayton, Ohio, Woolpert has been America’s fastest-growing AEG firm since 2015. Woolpert has more than 2,500 employees and more than 60 offices on five continents. For more, visit woolpert.com.

Lynn Rossi

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Xylem’s Sensus Cordonel is an innovative ultrasonic commercial and industrial water meter with proven accuracy. The unique flow tube has three measurement channels to capture every drop. Installation is possible in virtually all commercial, industrial or agricultural environments with its intentional U0D0 design, meaning no straight upstream or downstream pipe is required. Without any moving parts, this robust solid-state device provides a reliable maintenance-free solution over its 20-year battery life. Accurately capture and measure usage, low-flow

consumption, temperature and pressure in near real time with Cordonel.

Learn more about Sensus, a Xylem brand’s smart utility network solutions and the Cordonel C&I meter.

Bill Whittom

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Xypex Chemical Corporation

Xypex Chemical Corporation manufactures a range of concrete waterproofing and repair products used in the construction or restoration of water and sewage infrastructure, foundations, marine structures and tunnels. Our crystalline technology has been tested and proven worldwide in widely varying construction conditions.

Xypex crystalline waterproofing becomes a permanent, integral part of the structure by filling and plugging the pores, capillaries and hairline cracks in concrete with a non-soluble crystalline formation that, unlike membranes, will not lose its adhesion, puncture, tear or come apart at the seams.

Xypex crystalline waterproofing is available as a coating (for positive- or negative-side application), an admixture and dry-shake material for new slab construction.

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