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DataCAD Software & Service GmbH Announces the Availability of GrafiCalc Elements 7.0

Matt Ball on July 3, 2014 - in Corporate, Modeling, Products

DataCAD Software & Services GmbH has announced the availability of GrafiCalc Elements 7.0 software the perfect Excel companion for solving geometry related calculation.

Today millions of Microsoft Office users are performing sophisticated product design calculations with Microsoft Excel. Excel is a powerful standard spreadsheet tool. But it is not possible to enter geometry directly in Excel, which obliges Excel users to apply tedious mathematical calculations and equations-solving to solve geometry-dependent product design challenges. This is where GrafiCalc Elements comes into play.


GrafiCalc Elements works with geometry in the same way as spreadsheets work with numbers. This is possible because GrafiCalc Elements combines the disciplines of 2D parametric sketching and “smart” graphical calculations in a single application that enables users to bi-directionally associate geometry and calculations in the same worksheet. Then, as any design parameter is varied in the worksheet, the entire worksheet is updated automatically in real time to deliver design decision-support information and optimal solution.

GrafiCalc Elements is a unique and very budget-friendly Excel companion. It‘s a must for every desktop where design calculations are daily work. GrafiCalc Elements supports Windows standard Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) protocol that enables users to bi-directionally exchange information between GrafiCalc Elements and Microsoft Excel. This capability allows users to create powerful graphical calculation macros in GrafiCalc Elements to drive Excel calculations and conversely allows them to use Excel expertise and calculations to drive GrafiCalc Elements solution models.  A built-in 2-way DXF translator enables users to exchange geometry between GrafiCalc Elements and CAD applications.

GrafiCalc Elements can be used standalone as well as in conjunction with Microsoft Office and all popular CAD applications on any computer running Vista, XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

About DataCAD Software & Services GmbH

DataCAD Software & Service GmbH, founded in 1998, is one of the leading suppliers of technical software solutions for the industry. Company objective is to provide affordable software for a range of different industries, such as Automotive, Aerospace, Tool & Mould Makers, Manufacturing, Prototyping, Woodworks, jewellery design, hobby and education. The visualization of CAD files is becoming more and more important.
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