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Smart Street Lighting for Smart Cities

Matt Ball on June 26, 2014 - in Announcement, Maintenance, Smart Cities

Many cities have begun replacing their high-pressure sodium street lights with LEDs.  While the motivation for these replacements typically focuses on cost and energy savings from improved efficiency and longer lamp lifetimes, a growing number of cities are discovering the benefits of incorporating new sensors and networked control into their new lights.  Networked street lights provide an ideal platform for a range of innovative smart city applications.  With both power and communications available on poles distributed throughout a city, a range of sensors, cameras, and other devices can be deployed to provide information on traffic, parking, air quality, security, and more, offering benefits to city residents and potential revenue generating opportunities to city managers.

Featuring research director Eric Woods and senior research analyst Jesse Foote, along with Echelon director of sales Mark Carter and Martin Mercier, outdoor professional luminaire control category manager for Philips Lighting, this webinar will examine the adoption of smart street lighting in combination with smart city applications, the applications that various vendors are developing to maximize the potential benefits, and the market opportunity this segment presents.

Key Topics:
  • LED street lights
  • Networked street lighting
  • Smart city applications
  • Network communication platforms
What does this webinar answer?
  • How quickly are LED street lights and networked street lighting systems being adopted today, and what is the forecast growth rate for the next 5 to 10 years?
  • Which smart city applications are being adopted alongside networked street lighting systems, and what might be done in the future?
  • Which vendors are developing platforms for smart street lighting and smart city applications, and how do their approaches differ?
  • What potential pitfalls should city managers be aware of when considering such a system?
  • What are the market drivers and barriers affecting this sector?
  • What is the potential market opportunity for this sector?
Who needs to attend?
  • LED manufacturers and suppliers
  • Lamp and luminaire manufacturers and suppliers
  • Lighting control product manufacturers and suppliers
  • Manufacturers of sensors and cameras
  • Energy service companies (ESCOs)
  • Smart city vendors
  • Energy efficiency program administrators
  • City managers
  • Investor community


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