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Ubisense Introduces Suite of Location Intelligence Applications for the Ubisense myWorld Platform

Matt Ball on June 23, 2014 - in Corporate, Energy, Modeling

Ubisense today launched a suite of location intelligence applications designed to solve specific challenges faced by utilities and communications service providers. The suite of applications leverages the power of the Ubisense myWorld platform, giving operations personnel a map driven view of their network status and assets in the field or office.  This simple access to information dramatically enhances operational awareness improving efficiency, reliability and customer satisfaction. The three applications introduced today include Damage Assessment, Network Operations Portal and Vegetation Management.

“By collaborating with our customers during various operational situations, such as severe storms, we have gained invaluable insight into the lack of visibility and process inefficiencies that have plagued these organizations for far too long,” said Peter Batty, chief technology officer-geospatial, Ubisense. “We are working with our customers to reinvent utility and telecommunications operational processes, and by leveraging the Ubisense myWorld platform we can translate their vision into rapidly deployable solutions. These three applications are the first of many that customers want and need.”

The suite of applications currently includes the following products:

Ubisense Damage Assessment streamlines the data collection process enabling faster assessment of the resources needed to complete restoration, thus reducing repair times, improving System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) scores, and maintaining Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance. Ubisense Damage Assessment also enables utilities and communications service providers to enrich customer service during outages by improving the accuracy of their Estimated Time of Restoration (ETR) predictions.

Ubisense Network Operations Portal provides the ability to integrate critical information in order to visualize a complete picture of what is happening on the network within an intuitive web map display. It gives communications service providers the ability to predict, respond to, and prioritize existing and potential network issues faster and in a more coordinated manner, as well as identify performance trends, and gain a greater level of business intelligence for advanced decision support.

Ubisense Vegetation Management helps electric utilities better manage foresters, foreman and crews responsible for tree trimming. The application combines rich asset information from the GIS with customer locations and vegetation models to give managers and field workers a complete view of vegetation operations. Utilities can leverage Ubisense Vegetation Management to develop efficient trimming schedules, ensure customer requests are communicated to the appropriate field contractors and prioritize work.

All three applications work on the Ubisense myWorld platform which brings critical enterprise information together into a single application — network asset data, work orders, status, performance and customer information are presented in a Google Maps-style view that can be accessed via any standard web browser. As users perform their work, they can create and update data while connected or disconnected from the network. Data changes made while disconnected are synchronized to the master databases when back online.  Ubisense myWorld is GIS independent and works seamlessly with all major commercially available systems. For more information, visit myworld.ubisense.net.

Pricing & Availability
Ubisense myWorld and the three new applications (Damage Assessment, Network Operations Portal and Vegetation Management) are now available. For pricing information, send inquiries to myworld@ubisense.net.

About Ubisense
Ubisense is a market leader in location intelligence solutions that enable companies to optimize their business processes. By keeping track of key assets, Ubisense solutions bring clarity to complex operations while also improving quality and reliability. Ubisense is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with offices in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Philippines and Singapore. For more information visit http://www.ubisense.net

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