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Siemens Unveils a New Software Platform for Building Energy Management

Matt Ball on June 17, 2014 - in Buildings, Corporate, Energy, Modeling, Products

The Siemens Building Technologies Division launches Advantage Navigator, a software platform which can track the long-term performance of a single building, entire physical campus, or virtual network of hundreds or even thousands of sites. The cloud-based software platform enables the user to monitor and analyze total building performance as measured through energy consumption, energy procurement and key sustainability performance indicators.

“The Advantage Navigator platform evolved from Siemens’ Energy Management and Controlling (EMC) solution, which collects, connects, and analyzes data,” explains Eike Steffen, global head of Building Performance and Sustainability at Siemens Building Technologies Division. “Whereas the EMC solution focused primarily on the demand side and consumption information, the Advantage Navigator platform incorporates energy supply management functionalities to provide a complete picture of total energy management.”

Unlike other providers of building enterprise platforms, Siemens has a full contingent of analysts and energy experts who can identify and implement recommendations to help customers drive maximum energy efficiency, minimize operating costs, and reduce environmental impact.

“What differentiates us from the rest of the industry is our seamless integration of domain expertise and technology to help our clients achieve optimal energy and operational performance,” explains David Hopping, vice president and U.S. head of Building Performance and Sustainability at Siemens Industry, Inc. “In addition to energy management applications, the Advantage Navigator platform has robust operational performance analytics to drive system efficiency measures.”

Neue Softwareplattform ermöglicht umfassendes Energiemanagement für Gebäude und Gebäudeportfolios / New software platform offers comprehensive energy management for buildings and building portfolios

Customizable, scalable and user friendly, the Advantage Navigator platform serves as a customer portal for such areas as supply management, system performance, and compliance reporting. The technology can provide a holistic and enterprise-wide view of energy and operational performance, resulting in better energy reporting, improved energy monitoring, accurate utility bill management and carbon reporting.

In its latest building energy management software benchmarking report, Verdantix, an independent market research firm, ranked Siemens’ Advantage Navigator platform as a leader among an increasingly competitive market segment.

“Siemens’ Advantage Navigator platform is one of the most comprehensive energy and operational performance platforms that encompasses both energy supply and demand analysis,” says Matt Heffley, Verdantix analyst and benchmarking report co-author. “Siemens’ approach to go beyond energy management and into key building analytics resonates with the market needs of today.”

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