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Driving Public Awareness of Green Buildings

Matt Ball on June 16, 2014 - in Buildings, Corporate, Design/Engineering, Facility Management

Through a partnership with the MIT Climate CoLab contest, the WorldGBC seeks your ideas to create public demand for green buildings that can meet the values of the occupants and empower the public to enter the conversation of how buildings are designed and created for them.

Proposals can be submitted until 20 July 2014, with successful entrants having the opportunity to present their ideas to people who can support their implementation, and a chance at a grand prize of $10,000.

The size of our current built environment will double in the next 30 years and most of those buildings will be in developing nations. There has never been a better time to get this right.

Specifically, we seek proposals to build awareness in the following areas:

  • How can we inspire the public to think about the spaces they inhabit, things they would like in these spaces and voice their suggestions?
  • How can we empower communities to enter the conversation about the design of buildings that are being built and designed for them?
  • How can we create a mainstream conversation that will ultimately lead to greater demand for green buildings by communities and the public?
  • How can we convert the values and desires of the public into real changes in the global building stock?

How can you and your community take a lead role on the green building conversation and increase your access to greener, healthier, more efficient buildings? Visit the contest page to find out more.

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