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Mitsubishi Partners with National University of Singapore on Location-Aware System for Buses

Matt Ball on June 15, 2014 - in Uncategorized

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) partnered with the Keio -National University of Singapore (NUS) Connective Ubiquitous Technology for Enbodiments (CUTE) Center to work on a location-aware information system for buses, called the Communication Infrastructure of Transport Information for Universal Service, or “CITIUS.” The system will provide bus operators and commuters with area information based on the precise, real-time location and condition of the bus.

CITIUS brings together elements of transportation, location and Point-of-Interest (POI) information into its design, and collects location and tracking data through a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). Through this collected information, CITIUS is “aware” of the real-time location of the bus and will display this information on digital signage onboard the bus. The signage will also display information regarding potential road hazards ahead, such as speed limits, sharp turns, etc., in addition to information on nearby public facilities and the name of the next bus stop.

The system uses mounted sensors to gather vehicular activity and traffic conditions over the cellular network, helping CITIUS to function as a remote monitoring system. MHI’s positioning technology has developed over the years through its smart community demonstration projects in Malaga, Spain; Kansai Science City (“Keihanna”), Japan; and through the development of the GNSS-based Electronic Fee Collection (EFC). Traffic congestion has become a significant problem in many Asian cities that have undergone sustained rapid economic growth. CITIUS looks to combat this challenge and serve as a potential solution for transportation issues.

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