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Detroit’s Blight Mapping Data Guides Decision Making

Matt Ball on May 29, 2014 - in Analysis, Maintenance, Projects

The Motor City Mapping project took place this past winter as a principal project of the Blight Task Force. Motor City Mapping saw 150 Detroiters survey 377,602 parcels of land in Detroit, 99% of property in the city, in an effort to establish an accurate count of the level of blight and vacancy in the city.

Trained by Data Driven Detroit and equipped with software developed by Loveland Technologies, hundreds of Detroiters and dozens of volunteers from Quicken Loans teamed up to brave the city’s harshest winter and evaluate Detroit property, one by one. What you see here is an overview of their findings.

Data has now been compiled and is available for viewing on a map. The map allows citizens to see the survey data, and to sort results. They are also being asked to review and help correct results to improve upon the data accuracy.

MotorCityMappingYou can read the Detroit Blight Removal Task Force Plan at http://report.timetoendblight.org/

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