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New Video Perimeter Security Solution Aimed at Asset Protection

Matt Ball on May 19, 2014 - in Corporate, Security, Sensors

Intelligent Automation, Inc. (IAI) launched its portfolio of ARGUS products for direct sales and distribution through strategic partners. ARGUS is a perimeter security system (video) consisting of networked wireless sensors that form a protective, invisible trip wire for enhanced situational awareness. This technology is ideally suited for indoor/outdoor, mobile/fixed security applications as well as for asset protection.

Cover 3 smllPhysical security is a costly endeavor that requires significant manpower to set up, maintain, and monitor. Unlike other systems, ARGUS™ does not require extensive calibration, prolonged set up procedures, nor personnel to maintain an extensive perimeter. ARGUS™ can serve as a force multiplier to help eliminate the need for additional security personnel to cover large areas. The ARGUS™ product is highly scalable from just two sensor nodes to more than 50 sensor nodes. Nodes can be placed up to 200 feet apart to secure vast areas or separate regions.

ARGUS™ is highly reconfigurable, providing unrivaled versatility for myriad applications. Optional accessories include integrated visual and infrared cameras as well as stand-alone Pan Zoom Tilt (PZT) cameras, custom ruggedized enclosures, solar recharging units, and high endurance external batteries.  ARGUS™ can also interface with existing commercial off-the-shelf surveillance systems to provide added security. In these configurations, ARGUS™ can be used to trigger existing cameras to reduce manning requirements and to minimize the number of camera installations.

The ARGUSview™ setup and monitoring software utility is provided with each system. This map-based interface runs on a laptop, tablet, or an Android phone and provides visual alerts of intrusion events and security breaches, including images of the intrusion event. ARGUSview™ can also dispatch warnings, alerts, and images to cellphones via text messaging or to remote monitoring stations. The user friendly ARGUSview™ displays and manages all security alerts and captured video for after action analysis and prosecution. All alert and camera data is transmitted to the ARGUSview™ interface via the ARGUS™ network itself. No external network or communications infrastructure is required. Thanks to this communications reachback capability, the user can be many miles from the ARGUS™ network, enabling monitoring from vast distances.

“Intelligent Automation is excited to release the ARGUS™ security product as a direct result of our Department of Defense and Government-funded research efforts,” said Dr. Vikram Manikonda, CEO of IAI. “Our ARGUS™ products address a critical market need and offer our customers unparalleled protection and unprecedented savings in manpower and resources.”

ARGUS™ products are currently available for military applications and future product releases include ARGUS™ variants for aviation security, industrial monitoring, and law enforcement.  For more information, please visit our web page at www.i-a-i.com/argus, or contact us at ARGUSsales@i-a-i.com to arrange for a system demonstration.

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