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TSI Mapping and Pitney Bowes Announces a Geospatial Portal for Utility Companies

Matt Ball on May 19, 2014 - in Corporate, Energy, Modeling

TSI Mapping presents GAP–‘Geographic Area Profiler’, built on Pitney Bowes Spectrum Spatial technology which allows users to easily access critical operational and tactical data aiding crucial decision making.

“As a Pitney Bowes/MapInfo Partner for over 25 years, we elected to build GAP over the Spectrum Spatial product. It gives us a development environment that allows our developers to address just about any client’s needs” said Steve Carr, TSI Mapping President.

GAP allows a company to understand the impact of an event, whether it is a service disruption caused by severe weather, planned maintenance, equipment failure or other cause. By leveraging the power and convenience of a web-based map interface, GAP provides the ability to define and analyze the area of interest. GAP ties customer information to critical business and infrastructure data to aid in making decisions around; event and demand response, serviceability, public communication, market trends, and more.

“GAP is an exciting use of our Spectrum Spatial technology. As a long standing Partner, TSI had worked with many of the technologies Pitney Bowes offers. We are especially excited they have elected to use our newest technology Spectrum Spatial, in their latest application” said Clarence W. Hempfield, Jr.,CIMP, Director, Product Management.

About TSI Mapping

Known for its progressive solution development for organizations in both the public and private sectors,
TSI brings more than 25 years of experience satisfying customer needs for mapping and spatial analysis
technology. Enabling its customers to tap into, grow, and analyze the vast wealth of spatial information
that is available, TSI also helps to promote the selective sharing of critical information across
organizational boundaries. Headquartered in New London, Connecticut, TSI has served customers
whose vision and needs went beyond the basic use of off-the-shelf mapping technology since 1988.
Initially, that meant helping customers understand, install, and extend GIS products to satisfy critical
business objectives. During the past decade, TSI has expanded its scope to embrace more advanced
solutions and services, including sophisticated spatial analysis and integrating web services into
applications. Customers have seen the benefit of the comprehensive and thoughtfully integrated
solutions and services provided by TSI. For more information, visit TSI or GAP
About Pitney Bowes
Pitney Bowes provides technology solutions for small, mid-size and large firms that help them connect
with customers to build loyalty and grow revenue. Many of the company’s solutions are delivered on
open platforms to best organize, analyze and apply both public and proprietary data to two-way
customer communications. Pitney Bowes includes direct mail, transactional mail and call center
communications in its solution mix along with digital channel messaging for the We
b, email and mobile applications. Pitney Bowes: Every connection is a new opportunity™.

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