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Redeveloped Denver Union Station Shows Priority for Regional Transportation

Matt Ball on May 4, 2014 - in Renewal/Retrofit, Transportation

The historic Denver Union Station is getting a makeover to the tune of $900 million. The plan is to turn one of Denver’s most prominent, yet underutilized historic structures, into the anchor of the Denver region’s expanding transportation network. It will be the Grand Central Station of the West, a signal once and for all of a changing attitude towards public transportation in the region.

The new Denver Union Station is a “game changer” for the region.

Denver Union Station was built in 1881 in the Classical Revival style. The new station architecture uses the same architectural material as the Denver International Airport and pays homage to the airport in many ways. Denver Union Station is being revived into an important transportation landmark in Denver – much in the same way Denver International Airport was when it was built. It’s just like the old phrase “what was old is new again,” and in the city, public transportation is what cities and people want.

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