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Imajing Reinvents Transportation Network Mapping

Matt Ball on April 30, 2014 - in Corporate, Sensors, Transportation

Entirely redesigned, imajbox stretches the limits of the mobile mapping technology by making data collection accessible to any organization. imajbox L, imajbox S and imajbox T answer various users expectations. They can be used for roadway, railway, urban areas or trails surveys.

ImajBoxThe solution enables to map, inventory, geo-reference and assess infrastructures and equipment condition along transportation networks, with a single pass survey.

The new range of imajbox® is an accurate mobile mapping system integrating an IMU, a GNSS receiver and a CCD sensor. This 650g box produces a geo-referenced image flow, autonomously.

Imajbox® can be set up in a minute without any cables. It integrates its own battery, stores data on USB media or via ethernet and can be operated via Wi-Fi from a tablet or a smartphone.

Mounted either inside or outside any vehicle, imajbox® is adaptable to any environment for a daily data collection.

Designed for massive data production, imajbox® can survey from a few to hundreds kilometers per day.

The whole data set produced by imajbox® is exploited with imajview, a software suite developed to serve studies, cartography and GIS. It enables to feed and update the spatial knowledge base currently used by infrastructure managers.

Imajing® is an innovative company specialized in high speed mobile mapping system and in geo- localized data production along transportation networks. Imajing® develops an opportunist data collection approach, giving flexibility, reactivity and economic relevance to roadway and railway infrastructures managers.

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