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Measuring Concrete Cracks Safely and Accurately Using the Leica Viva TS11 KUMONOS

Matt Ball on April 29, 2014 - in Bridges, Corporate, Facility Management, Maintenance

Leica Geosystems and Kansai Construction Survey Company announced today the release of the KUMONOS system, a safe and easy-to-use concrete crack monitoring system using the Leica Viva TS11 Total Station. The KUMONOS system allows users to accurately measure and monitor crack widths of tunnels, bridges, dams or building facades from a safe distance without the need of expensive scaffolding or elevated work platforms.

Leica_Viva_TS11_KUMONOS image 1KUMONOS is the world‘s first solution using Leica Viva TS11 with a built-in concentric crack scale reticle. Crack widths are calculated from the relation of the distance between the crack and the instrument, and the gauge number that is found by positioning the scale mark over the crack.

Each Viva TS11 Total Station can easily be equipped with the KUMONOS reticle by an authorised Leica Geosystems service centre, making crack monitoring workflows easier, more accurate while also allowing peace of mind knowing crews are safe during inspections.

“Users can now analyse concrete cracks at a safe distance, thereby eliminating the need of setting up expensive and time consuming scaffolds.” explains Leica Geosystems’ Product Manager Kai Lämmer, “With KUMONOS, crews can remotely inspect dam, bridge or building facade projects, measuring crack widths of 0.3 mm, 0.2 mm and 0.1 mm from a distance of 80, 50 or 25 meters respectively, and simply send digitalised 3D drawings back to the office. Infrastructure and long term, expensive investments will be properly protected by using the KUMONOS system.”


The KUMONOS system is available directly from Leica Geosystems Sales or alternatively from any Leica Geosystems representatives.

For more information on the KUMONOS system please visit: http://www.leica-geosystems.com/kumonos


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