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How Smaller Water Utilities Can Do More With Less

Matt Ball on April 20, 2014 - in Modeling, Projects, Water

In the water and wastewater industry, smaller doesn’t mean simpler. Smaller utilities tend to be  remotely located, with aging infrastructures that are often surrounded by fragile ecosystems. These facilities not only face the usual challenges that come with improving process efficiency to meet regulatory mandates, they also have to do so without increasing costs or consumables.

For these smaller systems, the best solution is to use what they already have: data.

Throughout daily operation, water and wastewater utilities collect massive amounts of data. This information has the potential to assist with operational continuity and troubleshooting while also providing the necessary records for regulatory compliance.

Though many larger systems have found success in using automation software solutions to capture and analyze this data, this approach has long proven to be cost-prohibitive for small- and medium-sized facilities. Recently, however, new software solutions have emerged to help these smaller facilities cost-effectively collect process and operations data throughout their entire systems.

The result? Information that can be used by small water and wastewater utilities to optimize treatment, protect fixed assets, and increase system profitability.

Download the latest white paper, Automation Within Reach Even for Small Water, Wastewater Facilities, to learn more about the automation software solutions available for smaller systems.

Source: http://www.ourwatercounts.com/blog/index.php/2014/02/12/smaller-systems-can-less/

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