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Orbit GT Showcases Profiles and Cross Sections at SPAR

Matt Ball on April 13, 2014 - in Corporate, Modeling

Any LiDAR content is usefull to extract cross sections and profiles.  Orbit GT is the first to present a solution that can do exactly that with LiDAR from any source : Airborne, Mobile, Terrestrial, UAS. Image-equipped systems can use dense image matching to create a hires DEM which feeds exactly the same way into our system.  Especially for all Mobile Maping content producers and construction and building site leaders, this tool will lift their work and make their life a lot easier.

Simply select or draw a path along which a regular pattern of cross sections needs to be set out. Railroads often choose the collected trajectory path. Use the isometric profile view for each cross section to determine reference points, distances and more.  Compare with previous and next cross sections. Each registered point is also registered in a 2D/3D theme on the map, creating longintudinal vector data on the fly in one go.  For other profiles, just use the random profiles tool.  Apply to aerial data, UAS dense matched DEM, and more.

Profiles can be saved, reused, reported.  Profiles & Cross Sections is an add-on to the Orbit Mobile Mapping v11 Extraction solution.

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