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ASTERRA tapped to solve water loss problems in Buenos Aires

Parul Dubey on June 9, 2023 - in Corporate, News

New 3-year contract for ASTERRA satellite leak detection solution goes a long way to improve water supply  


San Diego – ASTERRA announced a new three-year contract with Agua y Saneamientos Argentinos S.A. (AySA) for its satellite leak detection solution. The contract follows two successful pilots and includes ASTERRA and two Argentinian companies, Rowing S.A., and Tryteck S.A., for the location and repair of water leaks in the Buenos Aires, Argentina metropolitan area. 

AySA is one of the largest water and sanitation companies in Latin America and collects, treats and distributes water to 14 million inhabitants in the Buenos Aires region. With over 24,000 km of pipes, water leaks are common and lead to a lack of supply or poor water pressure quality. 

AySA successfully tested the ASTERRA Recover satellite-based solution which uses remote satellite image data combined with its patented algorithm and artificial intelligence. The project was an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) collaboration. IDB provides financial and technical to improve health and education and advance infrastructure.  

“We are pleased ASTERRA will continue to help the people of Argentina in resolving their water supply challenges,” said Elly Perets, chief executive officer of ASTERRA. “AySA is deriving far greater benefits by using satellite leak detection methods over acoustic methods and the additional annual investment for this method is recovered in three months.” 

Arie Shavit, C.O., of Hestia Representations, Ltd., coordinated the solution. 


ASTERRA provides geospatial data-driven platform solutions for water utilities, government agencies, and the greater infrastructure industry. ASTERRA services use Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (PolSAR) data from satellites and turn this data into large-scale decision support tools. Since 2017, ASTERRA solutions have been used in over 64 countries, saving over 276,000 million gallons of potable water, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 176,640 metric tons, and saving 690,000 MWH of energy, all in support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. ASTERRA is headquartered in Israel with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan. For more information on ASTERRA, visit https://asterra.io


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