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Xylem’s Next-generation Ultrasonic Water Meter Helps Transform Customer Service for North American Utilities

Parul Dubey on June 7, 2023 - in News, Products

Cordonel digital technology enables precise water management for commercial and industrial markets

Enter Cordonel®, an innovative ultrasonic C&I water meter from Sensus, a Xylem brand, which features a patented technology that measures low-to-high-volume flow with proven accuracy. The unique flow tube has three measurement channels to capture every drop and seamlessly integrates with the FlexNet® communication network to provide accurate readings in real time.

“Water utilities are at a moment of opportunity,” said Mike McGann, senior vice president and president Xylem Americas, Measurement and Control Solutions. “Digital solutions—such as the remotely-managed Cordonel meter—have the potential to transform water systems and the communities they serve.”

First of its kind, Cordonel uses a flow-rate technology that, with an increased meter size and patented flow tube, forces water through the tube to capture three separate views of flow with no pressure loss.


Beyond Measurement: Digitizing the Water System

Cordonel is more than a meter—it’s a sensor that enables the digitalization of water distribution systems by incorporating temperature and pressure data that helps utilities meet customer expectations. Transferred securely, this actionable information helps utilities maintain water quality, balance pressure levels, and gain visibility into their operations.

“Customer expectations are shifting as people become accustomed to living their lives online and obtaining information in real time,” said McGann. “With Cordonel C&I meters and a reliable communication network, utilities and their largest customers can keep a precise pulse on each and every drop of water being used.”

Robust and Reliable

The Cordonel meter can accommodate virtually all commercial, industrial and agricultural needs, including horizontal or vertical pipe orientations with no straight upstream or downstream pipe (also known as U0D0) required for ease of installation. Without any moving parts, this robust solid-state device provides a reliable maintenance-free solution over its 20-year life.

Application Benefits

The Cordonel C&I meter enables a rich portfolio of applications, including:

  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Automated Meter Reading data
  • Precise high and low water flow measurement
  • Leak detection
  • Control of industrial processes using a pulse output
  • Rich data for District Metered Area (DMA) applications
  • Pressure and temperature monitoring

The Cordonel two-inch version will be available this summer and additional sizes of one-and-a-half, three and four inches will follow later this year. This new technology will be on display in Xylem’s booth #1602 during the American Water Works Association’s annual ACE23 conference from June 11-14 in Toronto.

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