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EnergyHub and Fermata Energy Partner to Enable Utilities to Accelerate EVs as Grid-Edge Resources

Parul Dubey on April 19, 2023 - in Corporate, News

Through the joint solution, utilities can optimize vehicle-to-grid technology to manage and balance the grid 

(New York) – Grid-tied electric vehicles are batteries on wheels that can support grid resilience. To accelerate the deployment of vehicle-to-grid installations, EnergyHub, the industry’s leading grid-edge DERMS provider, and Fermata Energy, the leading V2G services provider, have partnered to accelerate utilities’ access to EVs as mobile distributed energy resources (DERs).

As vehicles and buildings rapidly electrify, utilities are racing to develop strategies that service this increase in load reliably and affordably. In addition to upgrading infrastructure, utilities are creating programs to manage electricity demand using energy storage and other DERs. The fastest growing sources of energy storage are EV batteries.

Forward-looking utilities are leveraging EVs as mobile energy storage assets to support grid resilience. To do this and meet grid performance standards, utilities and fleet EV operators need better data, insights, and forecasting of when and how EVs can send energy stored in their batteries to the grid.

The partnership between Fermata Energy and EnergyHub enables utility clients to enhance network resilience and reliability, integrate more renewable power, and relieve major stress points in the distribution network.

Via the partnership, EnergyHub’s EV solution – EnergyHub EV – delivers utility signals to the Fermata Energy AI-driven V2G platform, which then analyzes those utility data and other sources, including customer driving patterns and utilization, weather, utility rates, and more. Fermata Energy’s platform then sends simplified alerts to its fleet customers about opportunities to earn revenue from the local utility by discharging energy stored in the EV battery to the grid or to the fleet customer’s building. The fleet customer always has the choice of whether to take advantage of these events and earn revenue while their EVs are parked. 

“Our partnership with Fermata Energy expands support for bidirectional EV charging for utility clients across the country,” said Kevin Schwain, senior director of EV strategy at EnergyHub. “This is a critical capability that unlocks the full value of electric vehicles to grid operators and vehicle owners. This is how we ensure EVs become a grid resource rather than a constraint. Together, we’re improving grid reliability and reducing costs, all while keeping a positive driver experience at the core of our approach to optimized charging.”

“We need gigawatts of dispatchable energy to meet demand and add more renewables to the grid. The Fermata Energy vehicle-to-grid platform unlocks the value of EV batteries as mobile energy storage assets. This benefits both fleets and utilities,” said Anna Demeo, PhD, Chief Product Officer at Fermata Energy.  “Machine learning and AI allow us to optimize thousands of rapidly changing data points and make it simpler for both fleets and utilities to manage EVs as distributed energy resources. We’re pleased to work with EnergyHub as we continue to scale vehicle-to-grid for utilities.”

Fermata Energy’s bidirectional charging technology intelligently forecasts both charges and discharges of bidirectionally-enabled EVs. The company is currently operating V2G sites in utility service territories across the United States.

EnergyHub manages 15 utility EV programs and provides 60+ utility clients with access to the industry’s largest DER partner ecosystem. EnergyHub EV improves grid reliability by accelerating V1G and V2G built on a proven DERMS platform for reliable performance and scalability. The platform allows optimized charging to deliver peak load reduction, daily load shifting, and distribution capacity for the grid, and provides grid operators with tools to monitor resource availability, including load forecasting and EV monitoring.

About EnergyHub

EnergyHub is the leading grid-edge DERMS provider. Utilities rely on EnergyHub’s DERMS platform to manage all distributed energy resources to serve grid and market objectives. EnergyHub works with over 60 utilities in North America to manage more than 1.3 GW of flexible capacity. We empower utilities and their customers to create a clean, distributed energy future. For more information, visit www.energyhub.com

About Fermata Energy

Park it. Plug it. Profit.TM Fermata Energy’s proprietary vehicle-to-everything (V2X) bidirectional charging platform turns EVs into batteries on wheels, enabling EV fleet owners to earn money from their local utility. With managed bidirectional charging, utilities can add EVs as grid edge resources to increase grid resilience and avoid building new peaker plants.

V2X includes vehicle-to-grid (V2G), vehicle-to-building (V2B) and vehicle-to-home (V2H) installations.

Learn more at www.fermataenergy.com and follow us on LinkedIn.

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