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EIVA launches ROTV enabling autonomous USV systems to collect high-resolution data even in narrow areas

Parul Dubey on April 18, 2023 - in News, Products, Technology

Concept illustration of ViperFish


EIVA has launched a new remotely operated towed vehicle (ROTV): ViperFish. This all-in-one sensor platform is tailored for autonomous unmanned surface vehicle (USV) systems. With its compact, streamlined design and precise 3D control, ViperFish can safely survey narrow, hard to reach areas , with stable sensors close to the seabed for optimal data collection.

ViperFish uses the same electronics and flight control as the industry-leading UXO survey sensor platform, ScanFish. This means that many of ViperFish’s components are proven with thousands of hours documented in the field. In addition, the 3D towed platform is integrated with several high-quality sensor options: Wavefront Solstice MAS, EdgeTech 2205 SSS, R2Sonic MBES, OFG Hypermags Sonardyne SPRINT-Nav Mini and more.

‘We have incorporated input from USV providers, survey companies and their end clients as we seek to streamline all aspects of operating ViperFish from survey planning to data delivery – to be able to meet the needs of autonomous USV systems.’ Martin Kristensen, VP Hardware Development, EIVA.

A total solution, ViperFish can be purchased with a dedicated winch optimised for USVs –low weight with an adjustable exit angle. Its control software can be integrated with EIVA’s software toolbox, NaviSuite, to leverage autopilot and survey automation capabilities, such as real-time data processing.

About EIVA:
EIVA is an engineering company with over 40 years’ experience in development and delivery of solutions to offshore and shallow water engineering and survey industries. The company provides software, equipment, and integrated system solutions to maritime players around the world, delivering proven and reliable tools to support everything from underwater exploration, oceanography and hydrographic surveying to offshore construction, cable laying, dredging and rig operations. To learn more about EIVA, visit www.eiva.com.

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