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vTrack Provides an Integral Component for an Integrated Runway Intrusion Detection System

Matt Ball on March 31, 2014 - in Corporate, Sensors, Transportation

Remote Tracking Systems Inc., (RTS) a leading manufacturer of real time GPS tracking systems today announced that its vTrack™ system, is a part of an integrated Runway Intrusion Detection System at Miami International Airport (MIA), which was awarded the 2013 Government Security News Homeland Security Platinum Award in the category “Most Notable Airport Security Program”.

The Project at Miami International is spearheaded by Ray Davalos, Building Systems Manager.  The project management is provided by UNICOM. The system consists of NICE Situator PSIM Solution which ties together FAA Tower Radar, Ground Radar (FLIR), various low light/fixed thermal/PTZ tracking cameras and RTS’s real-time GPS vehicle Tracking.

Mr. Davalos said, “The system is able to detect unidentified people, vehicles, and aircraft on runways and taxiways that may pose a safety problem or a threat, and automatically send information to airport first responders in a fast, informed manner.”*

The RTS vTrack™ system is used to separate AOA-authorized vehicles from aircraft and unauthorized vehicles. The PZT cameras are used to assess unknown intrusions while the RTS vTrack™ system provides Situational Awareness to efficiently dispatch the appropriate personnel.

RTS’s President, Steve Pisciotta, said “Integrating real-time GPS Tracking with surveillance sensors provides a powerful tool for identifying unauthorized activity which is a serious safety and security concern at any busy facility such as an airport.”

RTS’s vTrack™ system with advanced GPS, Active RFID and long-range RF capability, provides a suite of products with high performance, real-time remote Indoor/Outdoor tracking for a wide variety of applications including Runway Incursion Detection, First Responder/Situational Awareness, Mustering, Security Guard Monitoring, Worker Safety and Loss Prevention.
About Remote Tracking Systems Inc.

RTS is an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in Global Positioning Satellite based tracking and security solutions for the military, industrial, education, and airport sectors. RTS answers the need for economical, real time tracking solutions by defining, designing and producing GPS based systems and components which have remote tracking capability.  With headquarters in Phoenix Arizona, Remote Tracking Systems serves national and international markets.

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