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Launch of Trimble Unity AMS Provides Electric Utilities with Enterprise Asset Management Solution to Improve Reliability and Efficiency

Parul Dubey on April 11, 2023 - in News, Products, Technology

Trimble Unity AMS provides a centralized source of data for decision-making and operations.


Comprehensive GIS-Centric Asset Management Platform Integrates
with Esri ArcGIS as the System of Record for Asset and Network Information

WESTMINSTER, Colo., April 11, 2023—Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today the launch of its latest enterprise asset management solution designed for electric utilities worldwide to improve their service reliability and operational success. Built on Trimble’s industry-leading Cityworks® enterprise asset management platform, Trimble Unity® AMS enables utilities to manage the complete lifecycle of their asset infrastructure—from permits and construction to operations, maintenance and replacement. 

This solution is part of Trimble’s comprehensive asset lifecycle management platform designed and built for asset owners, public infrastructure stewards and their business partners to connect data and capabilities acrossall phases of their collaboration—from planning and design teams to asset managers and field crews that keep each asset working throughout a service life that can last for decades.  

“Utilities must continually manage the polarity between aging assets and new construction to find effective solutions that prioritize ongoing operations, maintenance and development,” said Tim Gallagher, general manager, Utilities Division at Trimble. “Trimble Unity AMS addresses the unique and specific needs of the industry by providing a solution that helps utilities deliver reliable and resilient energy while improving productivity and reducing costs.”

Today’s electric utilities face environmental challenges such as grid and load disruption caused by extreme weather events and the accelerating deployment of renewable energy resources. Plus, utilities must manage aging infrastructure, an aging workforce, cybersecurity threats, and regulatory pressures. All of these challenges—compounded by organizational complexity, inefficient processes, and data silos—often prevent utilities from cost-effectively managing their networks to provide reliable service in an efficient, sustainable, cost-effective way.

Configured with GIS-centric electric utility workflows, Trimble Unity AMS addresses these operational challenges by digitizing and streamlining field-to-office-to-field operations—all from a single mobile-enabled platform.The solution comes with Trimble Unity mobile software, which means field crews who once relied on cumbersome clipboard-and-paper processes can now perform their day-to-day tasks more simply and efficiently—and with better accuracy—using a mobile device.  

Trimble Unity AMS is built on Esri ArcGIS® as the system of record for utility network information, which provides a centralized source of up-to-date data that multiple teams use for decision-making and operations. This built-in integration helps utilities reduce their operational costs by minimizing handoffs and streamlining workflows between teams—all while ensuring data remains consistent, reliable, and transparent.

“Using the data collected in Trimble Unity AMS, team members can perform risk assessments, make better-informed asset investment decisions, and meet regulatory reporting requirements,” said Rami Naber, strategic product manager, Utility Solutions at Trimble. “In addition, Trimble Unity AMS provides an extensible platform that can integrate with other systems of record—such as financial, billing, and outage management systems—which exponentially increases the benefits to utilities by breaking down data silos, increasing productivity and efficiency, and improving customer service and response.”

Trimble Unity AMS is available now. For more information, visit Trimble Unity AMS or contact the Trimble Utilities team.

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